Is This The Most Eligible Bachelor In The World? Meet Nick Bateman: The Instagram God

Is This The Most Eligible Bachelor In The World? Meet Nick Bateman: The Instagram God

Nick Bateman certainly serves up great pixels on Instagram with his carefully crafted facial hair, a body that could have been moulded by Michelangelo and puppy dog eyes that are only upstaged by his real life pooch, Joey. With 6.4 million Instagram followers, Martial Arts moves Jackie Chan would love and a fledgling acting career (having featured in How To Be Single with Rebel Wilson) 30 year old Canadian, Nick Bateman is quite possibly the most eligible bachelor in the world. Here is what it is like to be THIS good looking by the new face of GLAMGLOW, Hollywood's go-to facemask brand…

“I have my own body hang-ups. I’m happy with how I look and I work hard to look the way I do due to my martial arts training. But what I really don’t like about my body is that my belly button is like a half innie, half outie so I’ve always given my Mom sh*t. When I was a little kid my belly button was like a straight up outie and I think why the hell didn’t the doctor put my belly button like any other kids!"

“I have eat four burgers in a row on a cheat day. I’ll head to In and Out or Fat Burger or one of these places and just get like four burgers and just go totally insane on them.”

Bye Bahamas it was a slice 👋🏼

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“To maintain this body I work out four times a week. But in the last two months I’ve been shooting non stop and I haven’t had as much time, but I try to bang out some push ups and sit ups in my hotel room and do just body weight stuff.”

“The most seductive Instagram post is the most real one. If you took a photo a couple of years ago that looked like you were trying to get a good photo by holding a dog or being shirtless it would usually do well but now people are enjoying more candid photos. It needs to be in the moment and real. It’s less about hard core posing now.”

“My shirtless selfies aren’t going anywhere. I try not to take too many selfies because my buddies are always like ‘hey, I am seeing selfies of you.’ I just tell them not to follow me at this point.”

“There is nothing sexier to me than a girl who can wear sweatpants, no makeup and just own it. She doesn't have to have the perfect body. I love confidence. Looks are not the most important thing. Looks are one thing and personality is another. I’ve met a lot of people who could appear to be average looking but once you meet them and see what kind of person they are, they become the most beautiful person in the world. I think confidence is one of the sexiest things that someone can have.”

“I try to stay very natural and not look too maintained. I literally just trim my beard every couple of days. I only wash my hair once or twice a week to let the natural oils clean it. Then all I do is blow dry my hair and put a little bit of paste on or something to make it feel dirty. I go to sleep, wake up, run my fingers through my hair and go, so it’s fairly minimalistic. I wash my face in the shower so don’t worry I do shower every day!”

“Facemasks aren’t just for girls and it's great being the face of a product I actually LOVE! When GLAMGLOW first approached me I thought it was a little bit of a feminine brand. I was also not the type of person to ever really do mud masks because I’m a martial artist, I’m a guys' guy, I watch UFC, I have just never really gotten into the whole mask thing. I used to put random things on my skin whether it was for dry skin, oily skin or whatever but then I started using the GLAMGLOW Volcasmic Matte Glow Moisturiser and it sounds cheesy as hell because I am the face of it but I didn’t expect that I was gonna like the product as much as I did, because a lot of the time if I work for a company, I haven’t been so pleased with the actual product but in this case I actually have been. I even get compliments from make-up artists about my skin now whereas before they used to say, 'you have a bit of dry skin here and there!'”

Coming soon 😉 @Glamglow #GLAMGLOW

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“I’ve left face-masks on for dog walks by mistake. I took my dogs out for a walk and people were looking at me like what the hell is that silver faced guy doing walking down the street… little did I know I had accidently left a facemask on.”

“I’ve taught my Yorkie, Joey, to kiss me. I get him to sit, then shake a paw and then I say ‘kiss’ and I’ll blow him a kiss and he’ll peck you. Sometimes he gets really annoyed by it so he’ll growl and then kiss you.”

Love ya my lil man happy birthday @joey__bateman

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“I love dressing my dog up like a little James Bond. I don’t really dress Joey up in too many outfits but I like throwing a bow tie on him every once in a while for a picture because I think he looks like a little man when he’s wearing a bow tie.”

Nick Bateman is the face of GLAMGLOW

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