Zooey Deschanel must be on top of the world! News broke back in January that the actress and songstress was expecting her first child, which was due this summer, and gave birth to—get this—a GIRL in August. *Insert terrible New Girl pun here*

The couple are still keeping the name under wraps (which we're counting on being ADORABLE), but as soon as it's revealed we'll let you know. But what does this mean for New Girl? Zoe's character Jess will be whisked off for 'jury duty' after the fourth episode, and she'll be replaced by...drum roll please...Megan Fox! That's right, Megan will play a "gorgeous, straight-shooting pharmaceutical sales rep who comes to town on business.” Exciting stuff.

Needless to say, we're majorly happy for her and her film producer partner of a year and a half, Jacob Pechenik. However, their little bundle of joy isn't the only piece of happy news the couple have shared with us. 

Towards the end of last year, it was rumoured that the couple—who met on the set of the 34-year-old's latest film, Rock The Kasbah—were engaged after Zooey was photographed with a ring on her wedding finger. This, however, was no ordinary ring.

The dainty piece of jewellery featured a thin band, which morphs into a heart shape, and is encrusted in teeny tiny diamonds. If that isn't an engagement ring, we don't know what is! Then, back in March, she was then spotted out and about in LA with a h-u-ge diamond rock in its place. Talk about an upgrade, huh?

Our suspicions have been confirmed by the couple, who have also revealed that they are now MARRIED too. A baby and a marriage? This is the best celeb news we've heard in yonks. 

While the couple are keeping their actual wedding date under-wraps, they did confirm that Jacob popped the question back in January around the time that they confirmed their pregnancy. Oh, we do love how gloriously linked together this entire story is... 

Congratulations to Zooey, Jacob, their little baby girl and their families on this double whammy of excellent news. Let's just hope it rubs off on the rest of celebsville...