Zoella: Everything You Need To Know

Zoella: Everything You Need To Know

She's the vlogging sensation that's taking over the world one step at a time - in case you need to refresh your knowledge, here's everything you need to know about Zoella...


AGE: 25


GIRL ONLINE: Zoella is the ultimate vlogging superstar, with over 8 million YouTube subscribers, 5.5 million Instagram followers and was named one of Britain’s most influential Tweeters, with 3.6 million fans reading her every Tweet. From starting her channel in 2009, Zoella has become one of the internet’s most famous faces, crossing over into magazine spreads, books, make-up lines and TV appearances. Queues at her meet-ups run miles long, and it's no surprise that Zoe has had to move house to twice to avoid the prying eyes of paparazzi. 

OFFLINE: After the massive success of her hauls, tutorials and dare videos featuring her YouTube family (more on those later...), Zoella revealed in 2014 that she would be releasing her debut novel, Girl Online. The book focuses on an anonymous blogger whose page goes viral (not based on her own experiences, she says), with Girl Online 2 due out later this year. It’s no surprise that the book was the fastest selling of the year, breaking records left, right and centre - even before the sold-out signing tour.

BATH AND BODY: Moving on from talking about her favourite beauty products to actually making them, Zoe released an exclusive collection of bath and beauty products with Superdrug, which became the fastest selling range the brand had ever seen. Think bubbles, sweet scents and an appearance from her guinea pigs, Pippin and Percy.

BRIGHTON BEAUTIFUL: Zoe lives in Brighton with fellow vlogger boyfriend Alfie Deyes of Pointless Blog, where the couple share a house, a dog (you need to see Nala) and regularly film hilarious videos together. Alfie is getting pretty good at doing Zoe’s make-up by now… Zoe also films with her brother Joe (aka ThatcherJoe, 5 million subscribers), and best friends Tanya Burr and Sprinkle of Glitter. Is that Niomi Smart we spy, too?!

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