EXCLUSIVE: How To Make Zoë Kravitz’s Signature Sandwich Recipe (Yes, Really)

EXCLUSIVE: How To Make Zoë Kravitz’s Signature Sandwich Recipe (Yes, Really)

Zoë Kravitz LOVES sandwiches – and her exclusive recipe is pretty mouth-watering

Zoë Kravitz is ‘really, really into sandwiches’. She told us so.

While most people make do with a soggy cheese and pickle sandwich grabbed on a five minute lunch break, Zoë takes things to the next level when she has a hunger hole to fill – ‘you have to have the right ratio of everything, like, I’m a f***ing scientist at this stuff’.

That is some serious sandwich talk from the triple-threat model, actress and frontwoman in her band, Lolawolf.

Intrigued? Just hungry? Zoë spilled her signature sandwich recipe exclusively to InStyle UK, and trust us when we say it’s mouth-watering. Ready?

Two thick slices of bread
A drizzle of olive oil
Half an avocado
A sprinkle of chilli flakes
Spicy mustard
A handful of rocket
Turkey slices
One sliced tomato
Salt and pepper for seasoning

1. Cut and toast the bread, with some olive oil – ‘It’s all about toasting the bread on the outside, and you put olive oil on top’

2. Cut the avocado and add to the bread

3. Spread on some spicy mustard

4. Top with chilli flakes (be careful not to go too hot)

5. Sprinkle on the rocket

6. Add the turkey slices

7. Don’t forget tomatoes!

8. Finally, season with salt and pepper

9. Instagram your work of art

In Zoë’s own words, ‘Doesn’t that sound good?’ Yes Zoë, yes it does – and now we’re hungry.

Vegetarians, don’t worry! Just swap out the turkey slices for grilled halloumi or goat’s cheese, and you’ve got yourself a model-approved meal that beats any supermarket bought salad. 

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And if you can’t eat gluten? These gluten-free lunch ideas are still pretty delicious – nom.

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