Is Zayn Malik The New David Beckham? His Hair Seems To Think So...

Is Zayn Malik The New David Beckham? His Hair Seems To Think So...

Zayn Malik's hair has undergone quite the transformation to the blonde it is now, but is he as original as we all thought? We can think of one guy he might be stealing his hairspiration from

Zayn Malik has just Tweeted another selfie, but for once, it’s not his tattoos that had people talking. Zayn’s previously grass-green buzzcut went to grey and back to black, but now it's turned peroxide. From retro curtains to the man bun, Zayn’s hair has undergone a serious style transformation throughout his One Direction career, and every style has multiple Twitter accounts, of course.

But is the freshly minted men’s grooming icon just playing copycat? We can think of one other hair chameleon who could have served as inspiration for the ex-Directioner. Can it be true? Is Zayn just copying the one and only David Beckham? Don’t forget that before this rugged hair and beard combo David has been sporting for the past few years, Mr Victoria Beckham was a fan of corn rows, mohicans and even a bob.

Let’s break it down: the pair both started their careers quite young (Zayn was just 17 when he auditioned for X Factor), have pop-star partners and legions of female followers, but we’re going to let the evidence speak for itself here – scroll down and prepare to see the similarities…

The Bottle Blonde
Going blonde is nothing new for Zayn, but these longer locks make a bigger statement that his previous buzzcut. Time will tell if he'll dye that beard, too... 

The Buzzcut
Zayn’s blonde buzzcut is nothing new – just check out Becks’ bald head in 2004. The only difference? We don’t think Zayn’s shade is entirely natural – it’s all in the eyebrows.

The Man Bun
The man bun might be oh so over, but David was rocking the look back on pitches in 2003. He even swept back his long locks into a bun to receive his OBE from the Queen.

The Curtains
Curtains were THE look of the early noughties, in fact it might have been a requirement of all fanciable men to try the style at least once. Zayn tried to bring the look back in 2014, but some things are best left in the past.

The Flexi Comb Headband
We get that David probably used the flexi bomb headband for practical reasons, but Zayn was definitely making a style statement with a hair accessory that he could have stolen from his little sister. We love the sleek front and voluminous back section.

The Mohawk
Zayn’s Mohican isn’t quite on a par with David’s iconic style, but he’s given the look a try. David is definitely the clear winner in this category though - now that is dedication.

The Quiff
Zayn Malik’s quiff is his signature style; high, low, streaked with blonde, he’s even gone rockabilly with it and curled it forward. David, on the other hand, is a lot more conservative when it comes to height.

So what’s next? There’s one major Beckham hairstyle that Zayn hasn’t tried yet, but he might need a little time to grow the blonde buzzcut out first. Will we see Zayn Malik in cornrows in 2015? Directioners, have your say below. 

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