Zayn Malik's Boyband Rebrand: From Famously Shy To Fashion Icon And Author

Zayn Malik's Boyband Rebrand: From Famously Shy To Fashion Icon And Author

Zayn Malik is set to be a music megastar, but what's actually going on with the One Direction alum? Here's everything you need to know about Zayn

Zayn Malik is the latest boyband bad boy, splitting from One Direction to go solo, hooking up with a hot new girlfriend and getting inked, pierced and landing a design collaboration in the process.

The latest news is that the former One Directioner is designing a capsule collection for Versace Versus. ZAYN X VERSUS will be created closely with creative director Donatella Versace and will be for both men and women. We guess the clue was in that Versace robot arm he wore to the Met Gala 2016...

'Zayn is one of the most exciting personalities on the world stage right now,' said Donatella. 'When we first met, he told me how much he loves fashion. I thought it would be fantastic to collaborate on a new Versus collection together. And, given Zayn’s huge fan base around the world, I expect there will be a lot of excitement about what we create together.’ 

If by 'huge fan base' Donatella means his 35 million social media followers, we'd say this a major winner for Versus. We've got May 2017 marked in our diaries. 

If you’re a little blindsighted by this boyband rebrand, we’re here to help – from the (un)official Zayn Malik net worth figures to his brand new sound, we break down everything you need to know about Zayn.

1. Zayn Malik: Style Icon
Zayn has gone through a complete style transformation in the past five years. From grey jogging bottoms to front-row seats at Valentino, you can see Zayn’s fashion transformation in full here, but check this: The FROW regular is now designing a show collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti. Due out in 2017, the style looks like an edgy, suede zip-up boot. We want. Is he stealing his hairstyle inspo from David Beckham, too?

#GiuseppexZayn Coming 2017

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2. Zayn Malik: Autobiography?
Apparently Zayn is writing an autobiography about his time in One Direction, and it’s going to be ‘explosive’. As well as 1D, the book will discuss Zayn’s relationships with both Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid. Juicy!

3. Zayn Malik: New Song
This new Snakehips track featuring Zayn Malik is our new summer jam. Listen to Cruel below.  

4. Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid
Zayn and Gigi were spotted out and about in late 2015, and since then it's been all out love between fashion's new sweethearts. Their low-key love has taken Zayn to Gigi’s New York abode, where he’s even met her cat and she appeared in his Pillowtalk video. After a brief split when Zayn 'lied' to Gigi, things are back on - with matching personalised Nutella. 


5. Zayn Malik: Pillowtalk
We were NOT expecting this from Zayn’s first single! Pillowtalk shot to #1 in more than a dozen countries after it was released in January 2016, with a saucy video to go with. Watch it below.

6. Zayn Malik: New Album
Zayn’s debut album is out now, and Zayn co-wrote most of the tracks. Check out the cover art for Mind of Mine (we could dissect that title for hours...), which was debuted on Zayn Malik’s Jimmy Fallon appearance and shows a young Zayn overlaid with his new ink. It's good. Very good.


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7. The Making Of Zayn Malik
Zayn comes from Bradford, where he was born on January 12th 1993. His mum, Tricia Brannan Malik, is often Zayn’s red-carpet date. Zayn’s Dad, Yaser, stays out of the limelight. Zayn also has three sisters, Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa.

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8. Zayn Malik: Net Worth
Zayn only broke out of One Direction in 2015, so the solo star hasn’t racked up quite enough cash to confirm his own net worth just yet. Those handy ‘sources’ suggest it’s somewhere between $20million to $75million, with the One Direction net worth collectively set at $130million. Watch this space…

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