When Was The Last Time You Told Someone "You Look Great"?

When Was The Last Time You Told Someone "You Look Great"?
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When was the last time you told a complete stranger you love their outfit? YouTuber and Project 13 winner Niomi Smart thinks we don’t do it enough, and wants you to get involved with our brand new campaign

When was the last time you told someone they looked great? Whether you lusted after some leopard-print boots disappearing up an escalator or spotted the perfect ripped jeans grabbing a skinny latte, we see style inspirations all around us - but how often do we let them know?

When it comes to compliments, the struggle is real for us Brits. We don't know how to take them, and we're nearly always too shy to give them out, but why are we so scared to be nice? A little compliment could go a long way to brightening someone's day, and you might even get their personal style tip in return. YouTuber and winner of our Project 13 Most Inspirational Lifestyle YouTuber award Niomi Smart is on a mission to spread a little style love, and she needs you to get involved. 

After all of our Project 13 winners posed for their stunning Rankin photoshoots, we got together at YouTube HQ to put together Edition 13 - a seriously cool 13th issue of InStyle magazine and the first ever collaboration of its kind between a print magazine and these game-changing YouTubers. Featuring Fleur De Force spilling on her life online, TalkBeckyTalk’s life-changing beauty tip and Patricia Bright on what really inspires these online tastemakers, Edition 13 is also where Niomi Smart launches our #YouLookGreat campaign. Here’s why she thinks you should get involved:

“I had an impromptu one-on-one styling session with a complete stranger the other day. We were both in a shop changing room trying on dresses, we both complimented each other and before long we were styling each other - try this, take off that, put on a necklace, swap the shoes... An hour later we both left with exactly what we needed. That night I wore the dress I’d bought to a big event and - thanks to the words of the lady in the changing room - felt totally confident in it”.

“There are many good things about being British, but sometimes our reserve can get the better of us. Like giving a small gift, there is a simple pleasure in telling someone else how good they look, whether they’re your Mum, friend or just someone walking by you on the street. So next time you see someone in an outfit you love – why not go up and tell them?”

To get involved, join in our #YouLookGreat campaign online by tweeting @InStyle_UK or tagging @instyleuk on Instagram with a picture of the person whose outfit you love and the hashtag #YouLookGreat, and we’ll be including our picks in this gallery of Niomi’s favourite looks so far. 

So what are you waiting for?! Get out there and tell someone you love their look – and don’t forget to get involved online.

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