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Iranian? Loosen that waistband… Here are 24 problems every Persian will understand

1. Every time you say something positive about your life, someone will cry 'MASHALLAH' and frantically tap wood

2. Chicken and rice is a staple of the Persian diet

3. In fact, rice all day every day

4. …and then some more rice

5. The highlight of any meal is when someone brings out the tadig

6. Your mum will have a lifetime supply of Tupperware

7. To feed your 700 ‘immediate’ family members

8. Everyone knows real kebab is cooked over a fire

9. Chai ‘til we die

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10. We could barter our way out of a paper bag

11. And will never accept anything from first time

12. We tarrof so much over who should get in the lift first that it leaves and goes to another floor

13. There will always be a fight over the bill – even though nobody actually wants to pay it 

14. Omid Djalili is everything

15. (But so is Max Amini’s Tomato Juice sketch)

16. The only career paths your grandparents accept are doctor, lawyer or dentist

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17. You’re late for everything

18. To the point where people lie about the time they need you to be there so you’re actually on time

19. Why does everyone start every word/ sentence/ speech with ‘eh’?!

20. You will be fed until you can’t breathe

21. And asked every five seconds if you have eaten

22. This is a trait you hate, and will 100% do to your own children one day

23. The hair removal struggle is real

24. Iranian girls trying to date? GOOD LUCK


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