You Can Now Order Kittens With Uber! Yes, Really.

You Can Now Order Kittens With Uber! Yes, Really.

In Celebration of National Cat Day you can now get a pair of paws delivered to your door with Uber's new app!

Ohh those lucky U.S Citizens. Not only do the get a MUCH better selection of films of Netflicks than we do, but they can also get a kitten delivered direct to their door.

Operating for one day only (National Cat Day – aka today!) cab company giants, Uber, have joined forces with local animal shelters in over 50 states to bring users #UberKITTEN. Operating between the hours of 11am – 3pm, applicants can simply select the “KITTENS” option in their app and choose their purr-fect time of delivery. Charging a $30 “snuggle fee”, users can have their very own kitten delivered to their home (or office, bosses permitting) for the best 15 minuets of your day.

But before you panic about what happens to the kitty after the bell strikes, the concept is totally animal friendly. The majority of the delivery kittens are eligible for adoption and they aim to find a forever home for as many little bundles of fluff as possible. As Uber explains, “If you’re smitten for a kitten or are looking for a new purr-sonal assistant just ask the local shelter representative assisting with your kitten delivery. We’ve helped over 30 kittens find their forever homes through UberKITTENS and this year, we hope to find every eligible kitten a home!”

Also taking animal welfare 100% seriously the company also advises, “If you’re lucky enough to request kittens to your office, please make sure your boss or building is going to be cool with the meows and that no one in the area is allergic. Also, having a dedicated room for kitten playtime is preferred.”

Although currently only available to folk across the pond, cat-lovers can still get their feline fix right here in the U.K. So if you’re not content with watching your Instagram feed get filled with felines this afternoon by searching the hashtag #UberKITTENS, check out below for the best places to get your kitten kicks:


Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Kittens and cake? Combinations don’t get much better than this. Located in Shoreditch, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is London’s first Cat Café and provides a calm and tranquil place where people and be people (and scoff high tea) and cats can be cats. Booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment, and sittings last 90 minutes.

Kitty Café

With a similar concept to Lady Dinah’s, but based in Nottingham, Kitty Café offers a selection of snacks – from pizzas to panini’s – that can be shared with your furry friends. Adoptions are also available, so if you do fall for a feline then you might be able to take them home!

Daisy working out in the Kitty Cafe 😺💪💞 #KittyCafeDaisy

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Cat Village

Providing a stress-free sanctuary where cuddle time is totally understood, once you enter Cat Village your shoes will be swapped for slippers, and your coats hidden away. Along with the usual drinks and snacks, Cat Village also put on a movie night every Wednesday where you can cosy up for a cuddle whilst watching re-runs of Harry Potter. Sounds like a good night out to us!

kiss Xx#Londoncatvillage

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Mog on the Tyne

Presenting a relaxing feline oasis in the centre of New Castle, amidst one of the oldest streets in the city, guests can while away an hour with an adopted family of rescue cats. Offering a selection of coffee, tea and cake, all from local suppliers, Mog on the Tyne is open six days a week. Again, booking in advanced is recommended. 

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