You'll Never Guess Which X Factor Legend Has Quit The Show...

You'll Never Guess Which X Factor Legend Has Quit The Show...

X Factor is going through some serious changes, and we can’t believe this legend is leaving the show after eleven years. We're shedding a few crying face emojis, but we do have some ideas on who could replace them…

First Louis, then Dermot, now this?! We knew The X Factor was getting a major shake up, but we didn’t see this one coming. One of our favourite X Factor legends has just announced that he’s quitting the show after eleven years over Twitter, and the news hasn’t gone down too well.

Yep, that’s right, the voice of the X Factor Peter Dickson has announced he is moving on from the talent show to “check out and cut loose”. Rachel Adedeji will never sound the same again, and it looks like Twitter agrees. Hundreds of crying face emojis have been pouring in as fans reel from the devastating news, announced this afternoon.

With no news on who will replace Peter (those are some pretty big vocal cords to fill), we’ve come up with some suggestions for The X Factor team.

Barry Scott (Cillit Bang)
Peter was known for his booming voice (rumour has it he didn’t even use a microphone), so who better to fill in than Cillit Bang’s Barry Scott? He’s got vocal the power, and he could scrub up the X Factor dressing rooms while he’s at it.

Siri (umm, your iPhone)
Siri would bring The X Factor bang into the 21st century, and with the reputation she’s (our iPhone is set to the lovely lady) building up about her sassy replies, we think she’d be a hilarious addition to the team. We forsee one big problem though - she's pretty awful at pronouncing names...

Marcus Bentley (Big Brother)
X Factor already head-hunted Rita Ora from The Voice, could their next move be to poach Big Brother’s northern narrator Marcus Bentley? He wouldn’t be able to tell us the time in those dulcet tones, but we’d love to hear him pronounce Cheryl’s last name.

The Queen (of England)
Now we know it’s Britains Got Talent where the winner gets to perform for the royal family, but nothing would help X Factor more than the royal seal of approval from The Queen herself.  We have a feeling One would not approve of those raunchy costumes, though.

Scarlett Johansson (the one and only)
Is it time for a lady to lend her chops to this job? Scarlett Johansson has won awards for her silky voice after starring in the film ‘Her’, even though she once said her raspy vocals nearly ruined her career as at the age of nine she sounded like “a whiskey-drinking, chain-smoking fool”. Joanna Lumley, we’re looking at you too.

Morgan Freeman (don’t pretend you don’t know)
All the judges do is fight, fight, fight, so maybe it’s time to calm things down with a little Morgan Freeman. You seriously can’t be angry at a voice like that, and he’d make getting booted off the show a lot less painful. David Attenborough would be a close second choice.

Tom Baker (Doctor Who)
Let’s bring back an old school name, here. Tom Baker is a voice everyone into Doctor Who will recognise, and would draw in a whole new X Factor audience. It’s just a shame he’d be behind the scenes – those suits are too snazzy to hide.

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