Awkward! The Most Embarrassing Gaffes Of 2015 (Sorry, Olly...)

Awkward! The Most Embarrassing Gaffes Of 2015 (Sorry, Olly...)

Olly Murs, we're feeling for you after THAT embarrassing X Factor blunder. You're not the only one though - check out all the biggest X Factor mistakes from this series

X Factor 2015 has been keeping us glued to our screens every Saturday night, and it’s not just for the performances.

Instead, as this year’s crop of contestants and judges have been making some seriously awkward mistakes.

Calling the acts by the wrong name, Simon?! We expected better from you, but it was Olly Murs’ super-awkward blunder on last night’s eviction show that really made us cringe. Here are the top X Factor blunders so far…

Olly Murs v Monica Michael 
Oh dear, Olly. The new presenter was left red-faced when he prematurely sent Monica Michael packing. Just before Simon put his vote in, Olly told Monica that she’d automatically be sent home if the big boss voted to save his own act, but that wasn’t strictly true. Caroline quickly corrected her co-presenter and took the vote to deadlock, where Monica was sent home anyway. Awkward… Poor Olly faced huge social media backlash over his blunder, but Dermot O’Leary tweeted to reassure his replacement that “it happens to us all”

Responding to the gaffe at the ITV Gala, Olly said "I think you need to put it in perspective with everything that's going on in the world. At the end of the day, I made a single mistake at a critical point in X Factor which was massively blown out of proportion. I had no idea Monica was going until I got the envelope. And it was just a really awkward moment for me because I made a stupid mistake". Poor Olls! He also revealed that while he expected a telling off from Simon, he didn't get one. Phew...

Rita Ora v Monica Michael (Again)
Monica Michael’s X Factor journey has been the definition of a rollercoaster, being dropped and invited back more times than we can count. After not making Cheryl’s final 3 in 2014, Rita ditched Monica to give a chair to Keira Weathers instead. But after being brought back for live shows, was Rita really backing Monica? An embarrassing live link saw Rita forget her act’s name - see her reaction below.  

Simon Cowell v Anton's Head
He’s been booed, egged and even headbutted by his own contestant – Simon Cowell is definitely living up to his reputation as TV’s Mr Nasty. Theatrical Anton jumped in for a kiss to celebrate being voted through to the next round early in the series, but missed Simon’s lips and instead smacked him in the cheek, leaving him with a black eye. Yikes. 

Simon Cowell v Alien Who?!
The groups went through an identity criris in 2015, with every single one of Cheryl’s final 6 having to change their name for ‘legal reasons’. We’re not surprised Simon had some trouble keeping up, as he voted to eliminate Alien Nation. Umm…it’s actually Alien Uncovered, Simon.

Mason Noise v The World
There’s always one controversial contestant, right? Mason Noise was a huge hit when he performed a sexy renditon of Senorita with Rita Ora at his first audition, but things went downhill from there. Old tweets surfaced showing Mason criticising Cheryl Fernandez-Versini for being “even in the music business, let alone a judge?”, before he locked horns with Simon Cowell at the six chair challenge. Watch the video below... 

Louisa Johnson v Her Shoes
The X Factor is constantly rocked with allegations of fixing, but after eagle-eyed viewers spotted a few too many shoe changes in Louisa Johnson’s performance at judge's houses, the Internet was not happy. X Factor fans saw Louisa sport both trainers and black lace-up shoes during the VT clip, but producers explained it away saying they merged footage from a performance with a backing track with the acoustic one they aired.

With all these embarassing blunders, we're glad we had the X Factor drinking game...

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