X Factor House 2016: See Inside The Finalists’ Plush Pad

X Factor House 2016: See Inside The Finalists’ Plush Pad

X Factor house drama is bound to happen in a home like this...

X Factor house rules might stop 2016’s batch of contestants from trashing their shared bedrooms or chucking any TVs out of the window, but considering they’re staying in a pad this plush, we wouldn’t want to destroy the X Factor house for 2016 anyway. 

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Property website Zoopla have opened up the doors to the £13.5k a month house in Hadley Wood, where all the X Factor 2016 finalists will be staying throughout the live shows. Well, unless they get kicked out, that is…

The luxury Camlet Way house has six bedrooms and four bathrooms, with curved white baths just begging for bubbles – you can even watch TV from it. There are twin sinks in the spacious bathroom, but only one toilet and no partition between the bathing area and the rest of the room. We’d hate to be in that queue on show day…

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The living rooms boast mirrored coffee tables, candlelit fireplaces and sofas to sink in to, overlooking a gorgeous view of the garden.

The North London mansion is in an area that has seen property prices shoot up by 4.87% in the past 12 months, and is currently estimated to be worth over £3.6 million. Not bad for their first taste of fame.

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So how does the X Factor house 2016 compare to last year’s Barnet base? The previous contestants house featured a state-of-the-art lift, dreamy indoor pool and chill-out cinema room, but there’s no sign of these accommodation extras for this year’s batch of hopefuls.

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X Factor, if you’re looking for someone to look after the place while the contestants are rehearsing, we’re available…

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