X Factor Behind The Scenes: 13 Things We Learnt

X Factor Behind The Scenes: 13 Things We Learnt

From THAT Nicole Scherzinger performance to hanging out with Stereokicks in the canteen and getting Stevi Ritchie's style tips, we got all the backstage goss at this weekend's XFactor

1. Nicole Scherzinger’s voice is incredible

Say what you will about the ex Pussycat Doll but her vocal chords were out of this world for her performance of her new single Run. Super emotional and completely stripped back, it just goes to show that even without lasers, Scherzy puts on quite the performance.


2. The Xtra Factor’s Sarah Jane Crawford hasn’t quite nailed her stilettos

Rocking sky high nude pumps, the Xtra Factor presenter nearly toppled over as she took a slip in her precarious heels. Taking it all in her stride, Crawford gallantly carried on and showed the shoes whose boss.

3. The contestants have to wear bin bags to eat dinner

No word of a lie, this actually happens. To make sure none of the contestants get their canteen dinner down themselves, very professional precautions are taken aka wearing bin bags like tabards. We're awarding Ben top marks for styling his out.

4. The canteen is where it all goes down

From Olly Murs queuing for his Chinese buffet and Lauren Platt chowing down on sticky toffee pudding and custard, to Stereokick’s Casey ‘buying’ me dinner with his canteen voucher, this was the place to be for all the hot contestant and celeb goss.

5. Jay James likes a bit of male grooming

Possibly the loveliest man to leave the competition, we bumped into Jay as he was getting the final touches done to his makeup pre-results show. Guess who Fleur told us takes the longest to get ready? Jay we're looking at you...

6. Stereokicks are super messy

Fleur let us in on the 8-piece boyband’s house habits – “Stereokicks are the messiest, one hundred percent. Their room is disgusting. You know that boy smell? That boy locker room smell? That’s exactly what their room smells like. Boxers all over the floor, socks, dirty clothes, nothing is organised.”

7. And they love having their backs tickled...

Lauren revealed Stereokick’s weirdest past time – “They really like to have their backs tickled. Like weirdly. We were in rehearsals for the ensemble performance this morning and Casey came over and was like, ‘Oh Lauren can you just tickle my back?’ and I’m like, 'Casey, we’re on stage. We’re on the stage. In front of the team. Doing the ensemble. So no!'"

8. The contestants all have secret talents

From Fleur touching her nose with her tongue to Lauren opening fridges with her shoulder blades and Only The Young’s Parisa performing her answering machine voice (yes, that's actually a thing), the X Factor finalists are one talented bunch.

9. They’re Xtra excited for Christmas

An invitation to Nandos from Simon Cowell, a massive soundsystem for Lauren’s red Fiat 500 called Fifi and a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti trainers are just some of the gifts the contestants would like to see under the tree this year.

10. Stevi Ritchie has a fail safe party pulling outfit

“A very nice shirt, some really good eau de toilette spray, Ultra Violet by Paco Rabanne or Joop are good, a pair of tight trousers, a nice hair do and a little bit of stubble to bring a bit of manliness to it (otherwise you look a bit like a shaved bottom). Obviously good breath, brush your teeth, nice pair of shoes, not white socks though, always black socks. Show a bit of body off and away you go!”

11. They’re really into Christmas jumpers

Like really. Andrea let us know that all he wants for Christmas is “a massive jumper” whilst Stevi is the ultimate fan, “I love Christmas jumpers! They’re absolutely shamazing. They really are. The weirder the better!”

12. Stevi’s fancy dress costume of choice is a pair of knickers…?

True story. Revealing his ultimate NYE fancy dress costume, Stevi opted for either a pair of knickers “Or I’d just put loads of mistletoe on so I get all the birds kissing me!”

13. Cheryl’s husband is HOT

Ok, so we know this one isn’t a revelation but after seeing Mr Fernandez-Versini in the flesh we totally get why Cheryl put a ring on it. Tanned, toned and ready to help Cheryl totter off the stage in her sky-scraping metallic heels; we’re officially Team FV from now on.

By George Driver/@iamgdriver

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