X Factor alert: Simon Cowell choses US over UK

X Factor alert: Simon Cowell choses US over UK

Simon Cowell has confirmed that he won't be a mentor on the UK X Factor 2011 but will stay in the States to launch The X Factor US

Well, it's been confirmed – Simon Cowell isn't Superman. After weeks of speculation over whether the X Factor mogul might cross the pond twice a week to appear as a judge on the both the UK and US versions of the show, it has been announced that he will stay Stateside to focus his attention on the launch of the US X Factor.


Alternative plans to delay the UK version until early 2012 have also been cancelled as both Louis Walsh and Danni Minogue have been given dates to start filming as scheduled.

And Cheryl Cole hasn’t been confirmed as a judge on either panel as yet.


So who will make up the four famous seats, and who will tell the contestants what they really think? We'll keep you right up to date on all of the X Factor news on InStyle.co.uk.

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