The X Factor Mentors' Categories Have Been Revealed, And They're, Um, Interesting...

Intro Deck: 

Fresh presenters, a shaken-up format and two very entertaining new faces on the judging panel. Here's why X Factor 2015 could be the best ever.

The Format

A new X Factor trailer has dropped with a promisingly dramatic montage of sparky auditions and clips of the judges larking around. There have also been some strong hints that series twelve (yes TWELVE) of the X Factor is going to see some major shake-ups to the format. We hope this includes an automatic Final Pass for the silliest first round act. 

The Unexpected Mentor-Category Pairings

The judges have each revealed which groups they will be mentoring throughout the show after the public were given the power to decide who would get which category via a Twitter vote. So, who's got who? Simon's been given the overs, Cheryl the groups, Rita the girls and Grimmy the boys. Yep, this is going to be interesting...

A Cheryl-Rita Duet? 

X Factor judging panel rifts? So 2010. We think Cheryl and Rita are going to get on like a house on fire. Cheryl has already said she'd love to duet with Rita at some point. ''I miss working with the girls in the band" she said, "so would love to work with Rita now on something. I know it'd be great. She's so funny.'' Rita will be a pro addition to the panel, having already proved she's got great talent show form on The Voice we think she'll be just as good on ITV's more cut-throat counterpart. Her friendship with Nick Grimshaw should also help the judge love-in too. 

The Grimshaw-Factor

Bringing Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw onto the panel was a genius decision by the X Factor powers that be, and should hopefully inject some of his wit - and taste for silliness  - into the proceedings. We also think he'll be a good foil to Simon's (now slightly tired) 'that was abysmal' schtick. 

The New Presenting Duo

We make no secret at InStyle that we're big old fans of Caroline Flack. After three rounds earning her X Factor stripes as a host on The Xtra Factor, Flack is now taking a well deserved step up to the big live presenting slot with former Xtra co-host Olly Murs as her sidekick. Having Flack at the reins makes a very nice change to the male-heavy presenting line up we've seen in previous seasons (though we will miss Dermot and his snappy three-piece suits). 

The X Factor begins at 8pm on Saturday 29th August 

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