The 19 Worst Films Team InStyle Have EVER Seen

The 19 Worst Films Team InStyle Have EVER Seen

Worst films ever? We’ve seen our fair share…

Worst films of all time? Emma Watson's latest may have only made £47 at the box office (#awks), but it can’t be as bad as these mortifying movies. As Team InStyle share the worst films they’ve ever sat through, let us know your worst flicks below...

Match Point – heinous – Cassie Steer, Beauty Director



City Of Angels or Riding In Cars With Boys. And Amadeus (The Directors Cut). 3 hours of hell – Nick Spensley, Executive Fashion Director



Rachel Getting Married. Awful. Like watching someone you don't know or like's unedited and badly filmed wedding video - Hannah Rochell, Fashion Features Editor



Safe Haven – 2 and half hours of my life I'll never get back – Chloe Mac Donnell, Fashion and Features Writer



Alexander; I ended up at the cinema watching the directors cut, it was so long it had an interval. Kids In America aka Nicole Richie's god awful film. It's truly so bad. I think there might be random mention of vaginal mutilation in it… Something New; it's essentially about a black woman falling in love with her white gardener (played by The Mentalist dude) and her friends not approving. Seriously, so bad. Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus; at one point a plane gets taken down. Just sayin… - George Driver, Beauty Writer



The Bounty Hunter. That one with Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler when she is a prisoner or some thing. Even turned that off on a plane when I will watch pretty much anything (Hannah Vere, Creative Director, will vouch for that). And Spy Kids 4 in 4D!!!! It had scratch and sniff stickers too for that extra special something  - Arabella Greenhill, Fashion Director 



That one with Britney Spears in, Crossroads. People in the screening were in hysterical laughter. When they really shouldn't have been. There was even applause at points. So bad it's good? NO. It's a BAD film – Niki Browes, Associate Editor



Bride Wars – I don't need to write why, the title is enough – Jamie Spence, Deputy Picture Editor



The Room. For reals. Although it's become a cult thing now. As in, there are The Room movie marathons happening ALL the time. I heard a rumour that the sex scene in it was SO diabolical that the actress point blank refused to film another scene with the lead guy. So what did they do? Used the SAME sex scene, TWICE in the movie. It's quite honestly one of the best worst, utterly horrible two hours of your life you'll never get back – Amie-Jo Locke, Acting Digital Editor



Going Shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE awful films (especially the ones on Channel 5 at 3pm) but this was the WORST thing I’ve EVER seen. It was £1… from Poundland. Also, Showgirls. That pool scene… - Isabella Silvers, Digital Writer



Anything with Adam Sandler in, or Mike Myers – Rebecca Gillam, Digital Writer


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