Ghosting, Manspreading and Binge Watching: Meet Your Top 10 Words Of 2015

Ghosting, Manspreading and Binge Watching: Meet Your Top 10 Words Of 2015

Our favourite words of 2015 are in, and they say quite a bit about the way we're living right now. Netflix and Tinder, you have A LOT to answer for

Clean Eating, Manspreading And Binge Watching Named Words Of The Year

The biggest words of 2015 have been announced, and they say a lot about our lives right now. Inspired by our nightly Netflix addiction and never ending Tinder horror stories, we’re become a nation of binge-watchers, left-swipers and, even worse, manspreaders (you know who you are). Collins have rounded up the top 10 words we’ve been using over the past 12 months, but how many do you use? Here we go…

1. Binge-watch. As in, “I’m currently binge-watching every series of Gossip Girl from the very beginning, and I’m not ashamed to admit it”.
Collins word of the year has seen a massive 200% rise since 2014, no doubt thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime giving us all three series of Orange Is The New Black on demand, no questions asked. Narcos, anyone?

2. Clean eating. As in, “Why can’t all these clean eating bloggers just tuck into a Nandos and be done with it?!”
We are all for healthy eating (well, most of the time), so it’s no wonder all those lazy Sunday Instasnaps of avocados and poached eggs have made clean eating one of 2015’s biggest words. Here's what Gizzi Erskine had to say clean eating.


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3. Contactless. As in, “What do you mean you don’t have contactless? I haven’t known my PIN since 2013!”
The introduction of contactless payment shaved vital seconds off our daily coffee run when it was introduced in full force around the UK.

4. Corbynomics. As in, “I’m totally behind Labour’s Corbynomics – and that facial hair, too”.
Sorry David Cameron, you’re not on the list - but nice man bun. Corbyn clearly has the cool factor that keeps everyone talking, and that’s why his economic policy is one of the words of 2015.

5. Dadbod. As in, “Tall, dark and handsome is boring – I’m dreaming of Leonardo DiCaprio’s dadbod”.
The dadbod is more about pizza and beer than daily gym sessions, but it’s become our new favourite look. Well, if Leo’s rocking it…

6. Ghosting. As in, “I couldn’t be bothered to have the whole break-up talk, so I just ghosted out of their life”.
Charlize Theron set the internet on fire when it emerged she’d quietly ghosted out of Sean Penn’s life. We’re not saying it’s the right thing to do, but it’s an interesting break-up tactic…

7. Manspreading. As in, “This train is packed enough without you manspreading your legs over three seats”.
MOVE. OVER. Manspreading is definitely the most infuriating word on the list – just because you’re wearing jeans, that does NOT mean that it’s ok to take up multiple seats with your metre-wide knees. Ladies, that goes for you too!

8. Shaming. As in, “This online shaming has to stop – yep, celebrities have acne too! Get over it!”
It looks like the UK is finally over being shamed online, as shaming has crept way up the list since 2014. This teen is even quitting Instagram over body shaming.

9. Swipe. As in, “That clown outfit is a definite swipe left from me”.
Clown costume? Swipe left. Wife in your profie picture? Swipe. Puppies? Swi…wait, we’ll go right for this one. Here’s our ultimate guide to using Tinder.

10. Transgender. As in, “Eddie Redmayne looks pretty incredible as a transgender woman in The Danish Girl”.
Transgender characters are all over Hollywood at the moment, with Elle Fanning starring in About Ray and Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl, both out later this year.

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