You'll Never Guess Who Made It Onto This Year's Woman's Hour Power List…

You'll Never Guess Who Made It Onto This Year's Woman's Hour Power List…

Just weeks after revealing her transformation, Caitlyn Jenner has has been honoured in the Woman's Hour Power List, an annual round-up of the year's most influential women…

When it comes to inspiring women, there's certainly no shortage of ladies who have helped make the world a better place. This year sees the annual Woman's Hour Power List honour the women that have really made a difference, not just to wider society but directly to our own lives in the last 12 months. And you'll never guess who made the cut.

Just weeks after completing her transformation, Caitlyn Jenner has been honoured with with a mention, coming in at number seven in the round-up.

Speaking of their decision to include the star, Woman's Hour said Caitlyn Jenner 'trumped all others in the celebrity stakes' when she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair and showed great courage in coming out [with her transformation] so publicly.

We, for one, can't think of anyone more deserving. Congratulations, Caitlyn.

Now in it's third consecutive year, the Power List is compiled by the hosts of BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, and aims to bring to light the amazing achievements conquered by women around the globe that have directly affected the lives of many. And while we're definitely not opposed to the likes of the Queen (who took the number one spot back in 2013), this year's shortlist has to be its most refreshing and well-represented yet.

Clinching the top spot this year is Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland, who gave the men a Downing Street a major run for their money in this year's general election. So yep, she's definitely worthy of the accolade if you ask us.

In second place is none other than Anna Wintour, Editor-In-Chief of American Vogue, and one of the fashion industry's most influential players. And in third comes arguably one of the most charitable and inspiring celebrities of all time, Angelina Jolie. Can you tell we're smitten? 

The actress made the cut due to the fact she's used her celebrity status to influence government policy and, of course, because of her openness surrounding her preventative double mastectomy, which she had after discovering she carried BRCA1 cancer gene. Angelina's decision to speak out made women worldwide question their own awareness about the disease, and contributed to a rise in the numbers of those being screen for it. And that, ladies and gents, is why she's one of our ultimate millennial feminists.

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So here it is - the full list of this year's most inspiring, brave, commanding and influential women.

  1. Nicola Sturgeon — Leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland
  2. Anna Wintour —  Editor-in-chief of American Vogue
  3. Angelina Jolie — Actor, director and humanitarian ambassador
  4. Kath Viner — Editor of The Guardian
  5. Camilla Cavendish — Director of Downing Street Policy Unit
  6. Sia – Singer/songwriter
  7. Caitlyn Jenner — Pioneer of transgender women
  8. Karen Blackett — CEO of MediaCom UK
  9. Zanny Minton Beddoes – Editor-in-chief of The Economist
  10. Sara Khan – Co-founder of charity organisation Inspire

If this isn't empowering, we don't know what is...

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