Woman Is Told What To Wear On A Plane. The World Groans.

Woman Is Told What To Wear On A Plane. The World Groans.

Is this 2016?

Is it us, or is 2016 becoming a new battleground to liberate our wardrobe? Only last month meteorologist Liberte Chan was told to put on a cardi, live on air. And what about receptionist Nicola Thorp, dismissed for wearing flat shoes? So, we were pretty shocked when we heard about the latest sexist spat – this time in an airport.

Yes, that’s right. A woman was actually banned from boarding a plane because her shorts were deemed too short. Hello 2016!

Burlesque dancer, Maggie McMuffin (off topic, we’re guessing that’s her stage name – we may be wrong, we’re probably not), was due to board an internal American flight from Massachusetts to Washington when a member of staff approached her at the gate.

Cue Maggie in her own words: ‘She told me that she was really sorry for bringing this up but just what I was wearing was not appropriate and the flight crew had discussed it and the pilot had decided that I needed to put something else on or I would not be allowed to board the flight.’

Facebook/Molly McIsaac

What was considered so risqué the wearer in question was – quite literally – grounded unless she covered up? Stripy shorts, matching thigh-high socks and a long-sleeved tiger jumper.

We reckon she looks pretty cute in the pictures – but that’s not really the point, is it? Maggie should be able to wear what she likes – and if what she likes is wearing monochrome hot pants at 35,000 feet, all power to her. We only wish we could pull off a similar combo…

Except, in the end, power was taken away. Maggie had to buy a pair of trousers.

She later said: ‘I feel like it’s just a symptom of our patriarchal society that women are sold scantily clad things and if we choose to wear them we can be punished for that.’

It can work the other way, too. In a world where a receptionist can still be ordered to wear a four-inch heel - or get out, Maggie’s words are worth repeating. And repeating. And repeating.

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