The Best Things That Happened This Week For Everyonekind

The Best Things That Happened This Week For Everyonekind


The Internet throws up some excellent things — the Cumberbunny, Justin Bieber getting owned by an 11-year-old, Drake lyrics on cakes — but mostly it’s kind of silly.

Then, something happens that you can really get behind, whether it’s people being badass, people getting together behind an actually worth cause or something that’s just positive to the world in general.

Michelle Obama's DNC Address

As if we needed any more proof of the First Lady's awesomeness, Michelle Obama's 15-minute address at the Democratic national convention On Monday left the entire crowd on the verge of tears. The first black First Lady, a mother, and (like her husband) an incredible and passionate orator, Michelle Obama delivered an emotionally charged speech that drew cheers from delagates, and silenced Trump supporters the world over. If this doesn't give you goosebumps, then nothing well. Just, incredible.

Viv Albertine is waaaaaay more punk than you

Just in case you don't happen to know who Viv Albertine is...

Viv Albertine was part of legendary female punk band The Slits, who paved the way for many of our badass lady musicians kicking butt in the music industry today. She's basically the f****** bomb. Anyways, following an event she attended last Friday 15th as part of the national punk celebrations at the British Library, Viv was disgusted to find that one of the panels in the exhibit failed to mention any of the influential female punk bands that also made up part of the movement. So, what did she do? Deface public property of course...

Albertine scrubbed out the names of the male bands cited and instead wrote the names of her former band, X-Ray Spex and Siouxsie & The Banshees in their place. She also added '(What about the women!! Viv Albertine)' 

Bad. Ass.


Starbucks & #BlackLivesMatter

Seattle poet Lex Cross has started an online trend to help raise awareness about #BlackLivesMatter. How? By asking patrons of Starbucks to give the hashtag as their name, which ultimately results in the barista shouting out 'Black Lives Matter' when the ordered coffee is ready. Since Lex's original post, more than 50,000 people have liked his picture and many more are are following his example. Humbling stuff.


Ryan Beatty's Coming Out Instagram

In one of the most empowering coming out messages ever, singer Ryan Beatty just bravely went for it across his social media platforms and it was incredibly well received...



In the aftermath of the Orlando attack which targeted the LGBTQ community, HuffPost created the hashtag #KeepKissing — a positive move to encourage people to share photos of them kissing someone of the same gender in an act of defiance, proving love is stronger than hate.

Prince William Makes A Stand For LGBT Rights

Literally, he's on newsstands! Wills just made history as the first royal to cover Attitude magazine, shot by Leigh Kelly at Kensington Palace. The cover quote reads 'no one should be bullied or their sexuality or for any reason', which is particularly relatable after the Orlando tragedy.

No More 'Beach Body Ready'

Starting next month, Sadiq Khan is banning 'unhealthy' and 'unrealistic' body image adverts on TfL property, like the Protein World poster which went viral for its negative message.

The new London mayor said: 'As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies. It is high time it came to an end.

'Nobody should feel pressurised, while they travel on the Tube or bus, into unrealistic expectations surrounding their bodies and I want to send a clear message to the advertising industry about this.'
Though it's said the move will not to impact TfL's income, it will affect 12,000 adverts a year.


Brit School Boys Can Now Wear Skirts

In an amazing move of gender equality, fluidity and neutrality, which comes after a push from LGBT lobbying, school boys can now wear skirts as part of their uniform.

While girls have, in most British schools, been able to wear skirts or trousers for a while, this completes the acceptance of gender diversity.

80 state institutions, including 40 primary schools, have changed their dress codes to allow all students to choose what they wear.


The Girls Girls Message About Sexual Assault

Lena Dunham posted it on her Twitter and it's pretty powerful...


Amy Schumer Twinning With Aphrodite

One of Amy's mega-fans realised the similaries between her semi-naked shoot and Greek goddess Aphrodite... Hashtag BABE.

Thanks for posting this!

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The Gay Couple In The Finding Dory Trailer

Are they, aren't they? The trailer isn't conclusive but the internet's getting excited by (what may be) the first gay couple in a Disney or Pixar film.

Daisy Ridley Getting Insta-Real

The Star Wars actress did her part in breaking down the flawless Instagram image — something we're in need or with all the uber-glossy Cannes updates — with a series of fun pics with EXCELLENT captions...


'ALMOST 2 MILLION FOLLOWERS WHAT?! I'm currently sat writing an essay covered in spot cream drinking mint tea but no one wants to see that so instead here's me looking all fancy pants at the post Oscars Vanity Fair pardeeeee!'


'ACTUALLY why not! #istillputafilteronit #spotcreamwin #hidingmostofmyface #igotthismugfromtheellenshowanditismassiveandamazing #kobekobekobe'


We love a good bit of *fist pump* sisterhood, and Reese Witherspoon wasted no time in bigging up pal Elizabeth Banks's new Instagram venture @WhoHaha - an account that celebrates women in comedy. The venture, co-founded by Banks, supports the likes of Darmirra Brunson, Rory Uphold and Katie Wilbert and features a website jam-packed full of female funny shizz including tweets, gifs and SNL sketches. Check out for more.

I totally have other plans.

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Frozen was undeniably excellent — the songs, the snowman, the sisters, the sassy independent female characters. It was praised at the time for being the most LGBT-friendly Disney production and now the internet's got really into the idea that Elsa getting a girlfriend in the sequel. Her journey of acceptance was widely interpreted as a metaphor for coming out so it seems like the ideal next move — for Elsa to be the first gay Disney princess.

Come on Disney, make it happen.

No Men Beyond This Point

Haters gonna hate but first thing’s first — this was directed by a man, Mark Sawers (in case that makes a difference to anyone?). The mockumentary, which debuted at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival and is coming to DVD in July, ‘envisions a world where women have become asexual and are no longer giving birth to males, and where the dwindling population of men are desperate to reclaim their place in the sun’.


K-Stew’s Directing Debut

We rate Kristen Stewart. She gets a totally unjustified amount of neggyness for her RBF (aka resting bitch face aka WHO CARES?!) but she’s excellent, and anyone who says otherwise is simply wrong. She's spoken before about making the shift from acting to directing and now it's actually happened — the 26-year-old is making a short film, called Water, about the power of women.


Seen anything else good? Let us know below. And check out #FunnyFriday for more lols.

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