Willow Smith – Star of the Future!

Willow Smith – Star of the Future!

Will and Jada Smith’s daughter, nine-year-old Willow is a little lady with big ambitions. Watch this space!

Remember the name Willow Smith – we predict she’s going to be a huge star (and a style icon) of the future. In between making movies and working on her debut album, she’s rocking a fierce style and becoming quite the fashion sensation. She arrived at our interview in covetable Converse hi-tops with gold spikes, a stonewash denim jacket and the coolest hair cut - shaved at both sides with a mini Mohawk.

She’s no Hollywood brat though – she’s totally adorable, polite, well spoken and slightly shy. (Plus she’s taught us a cute new phrase - when we like something we’re going to say it’s “the stuff” from now on.)

We chatted about her dreams of becoming a designer, what it’s like being an underage A-lister and, of course, her very funny dad…


We hear you have an album in the pipeline - how’s it going?

We’re working on it. It’s going good. I always talk to my mum and dad about it and they say it’s coming together and I’m like, "yay!” And my dad always gives me loads of good advice.

Do you listen to your dad’s music?

Yes I do – a lot. He has so many songs, he has hundreds. He has been writing all his life. He started when he was 12.

You have also starred in a few films (alongside mum in Madagascar as voice of Baby Gloria and alongside dad in I Am Legend) Do you prefer singing or acting?

Right now I’m focusing on the music but I don’t really know yet.

We love your style. Do you choose your own outfits?

People help put outfits together for me and then I chose which one I want to wear or my mum says: “trust me and just wear this!” I really trust her.

Lots of people say you are like a mini Rihanna. How does that make you feel?

All my friends are like, "Hi Rihanna" and I’m like, "I’m not Rihanna!" I’ve got my own thing going on!

Are there any stars whose style you love?

Lady Gaga is the stuff! And Prince.

Where do you like to shop?

In the US it’s Bloomingdales, I love it. I also like H&M, Forever 21 and Love Culture.

Is there anything mum and dad won’t let you wear or do you have free reign?

Oh no, I do not have free reign! I’m totally not allowed to wear thigh-high boots or anything short. I tend to wear skinny jeans a lot.

We love your shaved hair. Was that your decision?

Yes. Well first we did a bob and I didn’t like it that much so I said we should shave it off the side and have one big bit coming over and then I decided I wanted a bit off the other side, so my mum just cut it off. I feel naked on my head!

And does it take a long time to look after or can you just get up and go?

I have to brush it, put product it in, sculpt it the way I want it…. but it’s worth it.

We saw pictures of you at your brother’s LA premiere for Karate Kid - you look fantastic. Your baggy trousers and the loud colours looked a bit like what your dad wore in his Fresh Prince of Bel Air days…

Well The Fresh Prince was just hilarious! I don’t see the resemblance but I do like the big flowy trousers!

Your mum has amazing style. Does she ever let you raid her wardrobe?

I borrow her jeans sometimes. I just take them and say, ‘mum I borrowed your jeans!’ She doesn’t mind.

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes has just launched her own fashion line. Would you ever like to design clothes?

Oh yes, very much. I always draw clothes at home. I have a sewing machine and I have made my own pyjamas – they’re pink with Christmas frogs on. It would be cool to have my own line in the future.

How does it feel being famous and on the red carpet?

I’m really not used to people screaming out my name and all the flashing cameras. It’s overwhelming sometimes! But if I feel like that, my mum is like “step over to the side and come over here with me.”

Is it fun getting ready for those red carpet events?

Most girls like to dress up and I do not. I like to wear jeans t-shirt and shoes and I just wanna roll.

How do you fit school around your busy schedule?

I’m doing summer school right now with my brother and it’s fun. I love writing and I love math. We catch up on school when we have the time.

Do you ever get homesick?

I like being so many places – I like LA and my house is there but it’s fun to go new places. New York is the stuff – it’s just awesome and the shopping there is amazing.

Your dad is a comedy genius. Is he that funny at home?

Oh yes he is! (giggling) He is really funny! One time, me and my brother and mum were watching Fourth Kind, the movie about aliens, and my dad was hiding behind the couch and he jumped up on my granddad and he jumped – he was so scared! It was so funny!

What do you do together as a family?

We chill out and watch movies together. We also go to concerts so I can analyse the performances and see what’s going on – it’s like my homework.

What do you love about your parents the most?

They are very understanding. When I am having a rough time I can go to them and if I’m in trouble they don’t get mad, they just tell me what do and give me advice.


By Marisa Bate

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