An Ode To Will Smith...

An Ode To Will Smith...

So, I met Will Smith last night...

They say you should never meet your childhood heroes. Why? Because idols aren’t perfect, and meeting one in real life can quite often be an illusion-shattering disappointment.

Well, I met my childhood hero last night, and I call BS on all of the above. See, my childhood hero is Will Smith, and he was (without trying to sound too gushy fangirl) the dictionary definition of perfect.

Sitting down to the press screening of Suicide Squad last night, the last thing I ever expected was to cross paths with the Fresh Prince. I mean, I wasn’t prepared. I had a mouth full of Pop Chips. So when lo and behold, Will Smith came out to introduce the movie (he’s the best thing about it by the way, sorry Margot Robbie, I tried SO hard to like it), I kind of lost my mind. Not in an embarrassing ‘Jesus, get this lunatic out of here’ way, but in a complete wide-eyed ‘is this really f***ing happening’ kind of way. So imagine how fast my heart was racing when this (below) actually happened.


An actual #WillSmithSelfie.

Yes, it was the briefest of moments, and yes, he smelled like an absolute dream, but there I am (looking like a big shiny, smiley idiot) having a cuddle with my childhood hero.

And, it was amazing.

So, because Will Smith embodies everything great about being a man (it’s weird, I want him to be like, my dad, my husband, my brother, my BFF), here are some of his greatest ever moments.

Thanks Fresh Prince for being all I’d hoped you’d be….

1. Persuit Of Happyness

If this film's end scene doesn't give you all the feels, then you are (quite frankly) dead inside.

2. Summertime

Bona fide school summer holiday jam.

3. The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing

With Jimmy Fallon. Too hilarious.

4. His deaf cat

I mean...

5. Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

Hands up who DIDN'T know this dance in the '90s?

6. The scene in Fresh Prince of Bel Air that made us all cry

Can't. Even.

7. Bad Boys

Classic bants.

8. Rapping on Graham Norton

...with Gary Barlow.

9. And finally...

You're welcome.


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