Why Zoolander 2 Was The Most #Fashion Premiere Of All Time

Why Zoolander 2 Was The Most #Fashion Premiere Of All Time

Loads of really, really, ridiculously good-looking people doing their best Blue Steels + more...

Zoolander 2 has got to be THE most talked-about film of the year – and for good reason… Derek Zoolander and Hansel round two?! Yes. Please.

The success of the first film, 15 years ago, meant they had their pick of industry names wanting to be involved in the second… Anna Wintour, Bieber, Lewis Hamilton – there’s cameos from everyone.

Unsurprisingly, given everything you know, the premiere in New York was a pretty hashtag fashion affair - even compared to the London premiere - and here's why...

The Looks

Red carpets (well, actually purple) – whether from premieres, parties or awards – are always PRIME for outfit watch, but this exceeded all expectations… We couldn’t even count the celebs who chose furry coats as they outerwear (Adriana Lima, Naomi Campbell - in sassy La Perla lingerie, Kris Jenner…), as well as the mega glam model squad.

Anna Wintour epitomised fashun in a snakeskin coat with a massive collar, immaculately preened bob and sunglasses (inside, yup).

Then Derek Zoolander and Hansel, with their new friend Valentina and arch nemesis Jacobim Mugatu (played by Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz and Will Ferrell – but dressed as their characters, you understand) created Instagram MAYHEM when they walked together… And we actually really rate Mugatu’s look. (Workwear on POINT.)

The Guests

Premieres aren’t really the place for models but there was a whole load (almost Balmain show levels) at Alice Tully Hall – including big names Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner (in a teeny pink dress) and 90s supers Naomi Campbell and Milla Jovovich.

Anna Wintour doesn’t just grace any old premiere red carpet, either – as the industry’s matriach, but she was there AND she did a Blue Steel pout for the cameras.

Lewis Hamilton, who as of about two seasons ago nominated himself fashion's main man, was there (representing his cameo) looking surprisingly norm… Not a floral blazer in sight!

But where, oh where, was Bieber?

One of the most fash things about the whole thing is that Justin Theroux – director, ‘Evil DJ’ (in the first film too… WE KNOW!? The one who break dances with Zoolander!?) is husband of Jennifer Aniston, who looked SO hot in Galvan.

Just in case you didn't quite get it... THAT is Justin Theroux! (This is even better than the time we realised Alexander Skarsgard was Meekus, the blonde model who gets blown up in the freak gasoline accident.)

What Happened

A walk off… Yes, really. An impromptu fashion show took place, with Gigi Hadid – model of the moment – leading a pack of professionals including Imman Hamman.

Susan Sarandon’s actor son Miles Robbins turned up in the most fash outfit of the evening, kind of, in a jacket embroidered with genuine My Little Pony toys!

The Posing

Oh, the posing… Anna Wintour (we never thought we’d see it), Adriana Lima.

And let’s not even start on Ben Stiller’s fabulous family – his son’s Blue Steel was pretty much the best thing we’ve seen…

SO hot right now.

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