Why You Won't Catch Jennifer Aniston Taking A Selfie

Why You Won't Catch Jennifer Aniston Taking A Selfie

The actress doesn't get the whole selfie thing at all...

Jennifer Aniston might be the only celebrity left who isn't totally addicted to taking selfies. In fact, she doesn't get them at all.

'I don't understand them, the actress told Self magazine. I feel like there's enough out there, why add to it?" Jen, we hear you.

The We're The Millers star also revealed during her interview with the magazine, who she'd most like to trade bodies with for a day.

'Would I really want to give it back?' Jen joked. 'I'd love to be able to ski like a crazy person, like Lindsey Vonn. Then I'd also like to have Gisele Bündchen's body, just 'cuz, why not?'

Well Jen, while we're pretty envious of Gisele's bod, we're pretty sure yours is as good as it gets, too. No trading necessary.

By Olivia Marks

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