Why We're Milifans (And Not Cameronettes)

Why We're Milifans (And Not Cameronettes)
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Ed Miliband became the most unlikely teen Twitter crush ever this week. Here's why we think those #Milifandom devotees have a point.

The best Labour spin doctor in the country couldn't have staged a pro-Ed publicity stunt quite so good as the #Milifandom movement which has spread across Twitter like a bushfire this week.

Started by a 17-year-old called Abby (who amusingly has Tory-voting parents) the #Milifandom hashtag has been retweeted and shared by her growing band of 16 000+ followers with all the fervour of a One Direction pep rally.

Miliband has received a personal battering from the right-wing press in the last few months - from his looks to his ability to eat a bacon sandwich - and Abby had decided enough was enough. It would seem quite a few people agree with her too. Here's 11 reasons to jump on the Milibandwagon* (*which are obviously not as important as his actual manifesto)

1) When he sent a dignified and non-OTT reponse to #Milfandom founder Abby

"Hi Abby - Delighted that you've joined Labour, welcome" Ed tweeted to his No. 1 fan.

Nice, Ed. Play it cool.

2) When he hit back at the bacon sandwich thing. And (oddly for a politician) we believed him.

"You know, it’s weird, but it doesn’t annoy me, really. Some of the right-wing newspapers don’t want me to win the election. That’s their prerogative. They don’t want to attack me for my ideas, they want to attack me for how I eat a bacon sandwich, or something trivial. If you let it get to you, they win; and if you don’t let it get to you, you win." You tell 'em Ed.

3) When the Milibond was born

The #CoolEdMiliband hashtag and @cooledmiliband account might be one of the funniest Twitter memes we've seen this week. Top of the list? The Milibond...

4) But there's also this beauty. Ed Beckham, anyone?



5) Or how about when we realised he's just a protein shake away from Robert Downey Jr


6) But there's brains with all that, er, brawn. He says he can do a Rubiks cube in 90 seconds, which experts suggest makes him a good strategist.

7) When he played it straight in a head-to-head with Paxman

PAXMAN: "You’ve got form on false promises on immigration haven’t you?"
ED MILIBAND: "Me personally?"
PAXMAN: "Your government, your party."
ED MILIBAND: "Yes but we got it wrong."
PAXMAN: "You got it completely wrong."
ED MILIBAND: "We got it wrong, yes."

8) When one of his media advisers told him to smoulder at the camera during the debates and it all went very wrong. Who doesn't love an underdog?

9) When he told us his wife had taken him down a peg after his 'unlikely sex symbol status' began to grow

"I think One Direction have nothing to fear from me" he said in an interview this morning, "I told my wife about it the other night and she looked at me as if to say, 'Have you lost your head?'"

10) When, in a Time Out interview, he didn't know what YOLO meant

Do you know what ‘YOLO’ means?
Ed: ‘No. What does it mean?’
It stands for ‘you only live once’.
Ed: ‘Is that right? That is a good philosophy for politics! It’s about a sense of adventure and doing what you want. Wow! I’ll use it from now on!’
Please don’t
Ed: [He turns to his aides.] ‘If I said ‘YOLO’ to you, what would you say?’ [Silence.] ‘I was badly briefed.’

11) When someone tried to launch a #Cameronettes hashtag, and it flopped...

Sorry David, afraid Ed's got the edge on you right now...

Though for the sake of balance, we should report that while Miliband might have taken over the Twittersphere, Cameron's wingman Boris Johnson is riding high in the 'would you' surveys. In an online poll BoJo was voted the 'most beddable politician', while Nigel Farage was the biggest turn-off. Brrrrr.

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