Why Victoria and David Beckham are still our favourite Brit couple

Why Victoria and David Beckham are still our favourite Brit couple

As Victoria and David Beckham's trip to China concludes, we remind ourselves of why they're still the first couple of style…

Victoria and David Beckham have always been a fashion force to be reckoned with, and following their joint business trip to China, where Victoria Beckham promoted her latest Autumn Winter 2013 fashion line and David his role as China's Football Association Image Ambassador, they seem stronger, not to mention more stylish, than ever.

Proving their power couple status, the duo took to their respective Twitter and Facebook accounts to showcase pictures of their Eastern appearances, and one snap in particular showing off VB's huge grin assured us that there's no laughs lost between the polished pair.


Impressed by Posh and Becks seeming ability to strike the hard to nail balance between the private and public aspects of their relationship, we've pinpointed what makes them a great couple in these five photos…

Firstly the aforementioned giggle pic posted by David on his Facebook page captioned: "See I told you she smiles" - not only do they make each other laugh, but they can poke fun at the public's perception of them.

Victoria Beckham smiling


Secondly, who could forget their family appearance at the Viva Forever musical launch - not only did David and his Burberry-clad boys appear suitably proud of Victoria but they all looked seriously smart to boot.

David and Victoria Beckham viva forever

Back to 2012 and when Victoria was caught on the KissCam at a basketball on David's birthday, she proved there's moments that can make even the most together woman blush, as the designer gave her hubby a tender kiss for the camera.

David and Victoria Beckham on KissCam

29 April 2011 may have been the most momentous day in the lives of Kate Middleton and Prince William, but it didn't mean that David and Victoria didn't steal the limelight when they made their entrance hand-in-hand at the couple's nuptuals. They were the most stylish guests - hands–down.

David and Victoria Beckham Royal wedding

Rewind all the way back to 1999 and the proof was there from the newlyweds - any couple who can rock matching leather with that much confidence are made for each other!

David and Victoria Beckham 1999


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