Lily Rose Depp's Met Gala Look Just Cemented Her Style Status

Lily Rose Depp's Met Gala Look Just Cemented Her Style Status

Lily-Rose Depp has officially stolen our hearts with her quirky Instagram, silver screen roles and down-to-earth vibe. And it looks like we're not the only ones...

Lily-Rose Depp has spent most of her young-adult life on the sidelines of fame thanks to her famous and utterly gorgeous parents Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

While she's always been kinda on our radar — she was papped with Johnny and his new wife Amber Heard countless times on the run up to their nuptials — the 16-year-old beauty really came into her own when she accompanied her mother to Chanel's reshowing of its Salzberg collection in New York City. And since then we've got to admit, we've been borderline obsessed with her. 

Now? Her gorgeous Chanel get-up at the Met Gala cemented her status as a fashion influencer (it takes clout to get on that guest list, you know). And this isn't the only reason she's one of the most talked-about celebrity offspring, either... 

She can act

The budding actress is back on the silver screen with her first major movie role. The flick is titled Yoga Hosers, which is an American comedy horror and a spin-off from Tusk, the film which saw Lily make her debut in 2014. Check out the trailer below.    

Lily gives good photoshoot

This comes after super-fly US publication Oyster clearly forsaw the LRD mania that was about to break, and got in on the action early, giving her her first-ever published photo shoot. And yes, it's as cool as you'd expect...

Most of the fashion shoot focus' on her face but why the heck would it not? With genes like that you'd be a fool not to show it off! 

She's racked up a pretty impressive Instagram following

Her own photographs are just as impressive, with her personal Instagram account having amassed a whopping 1.5million following — a number that's growing by the day.

Lily loves achingly cool vintage clothes
She's definitely got a penchant for Victoriana collar blouses and, err, bygone wedding dresses

Her "dad is sooo embarassing"
The bleach hair is proof that even mega-stars like Johnny Depp still find the time to play the doting embarassing dads to their offspring...


She generally lives a life we could only dream of calling our own...

devilish girls at play

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Yep — you may just want to follow this girl before she goes MEGA. It's only a matter of time. Can you see the star quality in these models with famous parents, too?

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