Why Taylor Swift Chose THIS As Her First Lads Mag Cover...

Why Taylor Swift Chose THIS As Her First Lads Mag Cover...

Sure, fronting the cover of Maxim may sound like a totally un-Taylor Swift thing to do but there's actually a good (and very encouraging) reason behind it

Taylor Swift has built her empire on the notion that she's the ultimate girl's girl. From her endless list of starry female BFFs to her strong and independent song lyrics, she continually crusades for female empowerment. Hence why we raised an eyebrow when she first heard that she'd fronted Maxim's latest cover for the issue that has named her #1 on the magazine's annual Hot List. 

Sure, it's certainly an ego-boost to be crowned the hottest woman in the world but it seemed disjointed that the 25-year-old songstress should break her lads mag-ban just because they'd given her the title. And we were right — there was way more behind her decision than meets the eye. 

Of course there's no doubt that she's an absolute stunner but as the magazine's newly appointed editor-in-chief Kate Lanphear explains, her accolade is based so much more than just on her looks. Unveiling the new, totally rebranded Maxim magazine, Kate revealed to Tank: 'I think it’s a great testament to the rebrand that we can attract people of Taylor's calibre. [She] was chosen based on her accomplishments and I was determined to have someone whose talent really transcended their beauty.'

Kate's first rebranded issue hit the newsstands back in March but after tapping Taylor for its June cover, the changes that have been made in the magazine going to be more prolific than ever. 

We probably don't need to tell you that, not so long ago, Maxim was more of a 'titty mag' with a real male focus. However, after unveiling Taylor Swift's gorgeous shoot, we'd actually be tempted to buy it for ourselves. 

The photographs look more like a high-end designer shoot and are NOTHING like the Page 3 images we've sadly become all too used to seeing. This is a clear step forward for men's magazines and it's all down to Kate Lanphear's modern vision and approach to sexiness. 

'I think so many people here rebrand, rebrand, rebrand and we’ve been working really hard to get the magazine in front of people in the industry because there is such a big change from cover to cover,' Lanphear continued. 'It's a huge success — in my mind, one of our biggest successes — that someone like Taylor is comfortable in that space.' 

Taylor may have cinched the number one spot on the list but many other inspirational, clever and beautiful women have also been honoured in the list. Dakota Johnson, Joan SmallsEmilia Clarke and Lupita Nyong’o have all been included as well as Italian actress Monica Bellucci, the next Bond girl, marking the first time a 50-year-old has been included. 

As far as the stereotype of men's magazines go, we're loving what we're seeing from Maxim under Kate's reign. Let's just hope others follow suit... 

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