Why Taylor Swift And Her Friends Are Massively Oversharing

Why Taylor Swift And Her Friends Are Massively Oversharing

Would you ever date your friend's ex boyfriend? No? How about five of them? You may think it would be good cause for a feud but no, apparently we're all about the sharing now.

I was recently at a wedding where everyone had a romantic past with someone.

Okay, that might be a slight overstatement but there were definitely more than a few overlaps and the drinks reception was like navigating a potential minefield. But in a friendship group of over two decades that stretches back through teenage years, is it really surprising that there’s been some relationship duplicates?

I’m happy to say that everyone found it amusing rather than fraught and we even tried to work out who’d had the most ‘overlaps’ - one of the bridesmaids. One friend was there with her husband who in years gone by, she’d tried to set up with at least two of us there, until finally admitting she was in love with him and of course he felt the same. The path of true love and all that. Honestly I think the reason we could all laugh about it was because a) we’re talking circa fifteen years ago and b) no one felt that strongly about the men in question (we had to check the table plan to recall some of their names even).

This is certainly not the case with the whole 'Taylor Swift Ex Files' situation in which I’ve become so enthralled. I’m a huge Swifty, (yes I’m over thirty and yes I’m happy to admit that), but even I find it hard to digest just how many of her friends’ ex-boyfriends she’s shared a history with. Okay so she and Katy Perry hate each other over John Mayer and some back-up dancers, that’s totally normal but she’s still really good friends with Ellie Goulding even though she’s right now, this second, dating Ellie’s ex-fiance Calvin Harris? No. Nah-ah. Not on my watch. Weird. You don't have to stage a full-on cat fight but some tactical avoidance here is definitely called for.

Another ‘bestie’ Selena Gomez dated Taylor Lautner before Swift went there and let’s nay forget the serial dating of Joe Jonas with Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene.

It’s like some sort of soap opera where the cast is limited to twenty people so they just rinse and repeat. Only this is LA people! Where are all the fresh men to date?

Anyway, as long as they’re all pretending to be fine about it, I guess we should be too but if she ever breaks up with Calvin, your best bet is to check her Instagram friends for her next catch.

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