Why Ryan Reynolds Might Not Be Able To Make Another Film With Blake Lively

Why Ryan Reynolds Might Not Be Able To Make Another Film With Blake Lively

The actor would love to team up with his wife but reckons it'd be pretty difficult to pull off.

Ryan Reynolds obviously adored starring alongside Blake Lively in Green Lantern.

In the superhero film, Ryan took on the role as a Hal Jordan, while Blake played Carol Ferris. 

Ryan had such a great time that he'd be happy to be cast in another movie with the 27-year-old - but reckons there's only a slim chance it could happen. 

'I would absolutely love to do that, but you know, it's a different age now,' he revealed to E!  

'It's a little harder these days than it was back in the day when a couple could do multiple films together.'

Ryan - whose latest film Self/less hits cinemas this weekend - reckons the rise in popularity of sites like Instagram and Twitter might be the reason why. 

'There's so much on social media and so much that we know about everybody now. You could do it if there was a little bit of a mystery there,' he explained. 

'That's a tough thing to pull off now. It's a tough thing for people to not see the personality as opposed to seeing the character.'

The pair met on the Green Lantern set in 2011, were rumoured to start dating in 2011 and tied the knot in September 2012.

Ryan, 38, and Blake welcomed a baby girl named James over the Christmas holiday season in December 2014.

And it seems Ryan’s more happy to accept this as a compromise for not shooting with his wife.

We're working together on a family. Does that count?’ he joked.

‘It's busy, but no one's complaining, that's for sure. We're lucky to get to breathe the rare air of working actors.

‘We're never apart for more than a week or so, so it's not terrible.’

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