How Ruby Rose Is Changing The Face Of Beauty

How Ruby Rose Is Changing The Face Of Beauty

Here's why the Orange Is The New Black star is a total dude...

Let's start with the obvious: she's mega-watt hot

Think Angelina Jolie back in her Girl Uninterrupted days. The Australian DJ / actress / TV presenter / recording artist (yes she's one of those) has luminous skin and a bone structure which will make you weep. 

But don't expect to see her 'pouring' herself into a bodycon dress anytime soon

Unless it's for a film she made challenging our perception of gender. Ruby describes herself as gender fluid. 'For the most part, I definitely don't identify as any gender. I'm not a guy; I don't really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I'm somewhere in the middle, which -- in my perfect imagination -- is like having the best of both sexes. I have a lot of characteristics that would normally be present in a guy and then less that would be present in a woman. But then sometimes I'll put on a skirt -- like today.'

Her character Stella Carlin in Orange Is The New Black is a total badass

Arriving into the third season like a human hand grenade, Ruby Rose's character - inmate Stella Carlin - drove a wedge between the whole Piper and Alex on/off prison relationship. If you're not already an Orange is the New Black fan then we strongly advise you to binge watch right now. 

She has been very vocal in her support of Caitlyn Jenner's transition 

"I think it's amazing that Caitlyn got the cover of Vanity Fair" she said in an interview "and there are media outlets that are willing and wanting to put her on the cover; to put her in the magazines, on the shows, in their brands, however they're supporting her. And by supporting her they're supporting that whole community. It's huge. Between Orange with Laverne, the show Transparent, and Caitlyn Jenner, obviously we're in the middle of something enormous – a transgender movement. I'm just proud to be alive during this massive shift in the world."

She's launching a clothing line

Called Scallywags, it's a completely gender neutral fashion line - think a lot of nice tailored casual shirts and cool prints. 

She does charity work, but not in a flashy A-list way

She travels to Laos and Africa every year to do volunteer work and has been campaigning for earthquake victims in Nepal. 

Oh, and she can down 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes 

Part of her audition process to become an MTV VJ was drinking 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes - or what's known as a 'Centurion' (sounds like she'd make a pretty good party buddy). Ruby says she preferred working on MTV to her previous job of modelling. 'Being a model there is always something they want to change" she said, "whether they want someone a little bit skinnier, a little bit taller, a little bit prettier.'

And now she's changing the face of beauty, as well as fashion

She's the new face of Urban Decay, and the campaign is totally badass - tattoos, cool ear bling, a fierce eyeliner flick... The make-up brand revealed the news and the job description Ruby Rose has to follow as their 'Most Addictive New Vice': 'Just to keep on rocking our world and spreading the gospel of our self-expression, addiction to colour, and 'beauty with an edge''. 

Ruby says of her new role: 'Urban Decay believes in supporting individuality and personal self-expression — two values I hold very dear — because everyone deserves the freedom to explore their personality and discover their true selves'. We're psyched to see what the collab holds...

And now she's launched a whole new lipstick line called Vice, with this HELLA cool video...

Check out @RubyRose as she rocks your newest Vice! #LipstickIsMyVice

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