Why Jane The Virgin Was Our Favourite TV Obsession Of 2015

Why Jane The Virgin Was Our Favourite TV Obsession Of 2015

Jane The Virgin made us laugh, cry and everything in between, but if you missed the series, don't worry! Here's why it's a must-watch

Jane The Virgin has been a massive sleeper hit in the US and even scored its star Gina Rodriguez a Golden Globe back in January. Last year, the US comedy-drama aired on E4 and even us Brits fell in love with Jane's drama. Not up to speed? Here's what you need to know about it.

So we presume it's about a virgin called Jane?

Correct! The star of the show is a wide-eyed young Latina woman called Jane Villanueva (played by Gina Rodriguez) who makes a no sex before marriage vow when she is just a little girl. Fast-forward to her early twenties and Jane the virgin has stuck to her guns - much to the frustration of her boyfriend of two years, a policeman called Michael (played by Brett Dier).

But we're guessing things go wrong...

Correct again! In a slightly farcical (but somehow weirdly believable) turn of events, Jane goes into hospital for a routine smear test only to find her doctor  - who is having an emotional crisis due to a cheating wife - accidentally inseminates her with another man's sperm.

So Jane the virgin ends up pregnant?

Yep. Having not actually slept with anyone. And if that's not a sticky enough situation to find yourself in, it turns out the sperm belongs to her boss, a devilishly handsome hotel owner called Rafael.

Awkward! So what does she do?

To add to Jane's emotional load, in quick succession her boyfriend proposes to her and she discovers the sperm sample belonging to her boss was the very last sample he gave before he had testicular cancer. Meaning Jane is his one and only chance of having children.


And when she tells her boyfriend she's pregnant, he says he doesn't want to marry her if she keeps the child.

Oh dear

And to give you an idea of how fast the plot moves, ALL of the above happens in the space of the first episode.

Sounds emotional. Why else should I watch it?

All those improbable plot twists make the show seriously addictive viewing and Gina Rodruiguez makes a hugely likeable Jane. A lot of recent big TV shows have been all about fantasy (Game of Thrones), politics (House of Cards) or period politics (Wolf Hall) so a slightly farcical modern day comedy-drama like Jane The Virgin is just what the doctor ordered.

Who should we watch it with?

Girlfriends, boyfriends, friends - everyone really. It's also clean enough to watch with the family. Take it from us, you will be hooked from the first ten minutes.

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