How Emma Watson Is Saving The Planet One Beautiful Red Carpet Look At A Time

How Emma Watson Is Saving The Planet One Beautiful Red Carpet Look At A Time

Emma Watson may be young but her amazing style shows wisdom way beyond her years...

Emma Watson has proved she's got the brains to match her jaw-dropping beauty time and time again, with her moving and extremely powerful UN summit speech, which highlighted the negative perceptions of feminism in the world today, since becoming her crowning glory. It was a speech that no doubt contributed to her being named as one of the 100 most influential people of 2015 in TIME's annual list, and has seen her transform into one of the most in-demand actresses of the moment. Due, of course, to her professionalism, talent and grace. 

With so many interesting film projects up her sleeve, Emma kicked off her latest film in all the style we've come to expect from the Harry Potter alumni.

Throughout the three-day photocall for her latest film Regression (read all about Emma's role in the upcoming thriller here) Em looked beyond beautiful in an array of outfits. However, this gingham number has to be our fav of the lot. 

For another day of appearances and interviews in Madrid, Emma changed up her style with a subtly sexy gingham dress complete with a thigh high split from Brit designer, Isa Afren. Stunning, huh? This dress choice comes as Emma's latest in her Green Carpet Challenge - an initiative spearheaed by Livia Firth which promotes the ethical efforts made by different designers. Seriously, does this girl ever stop doing good?!

Speaking of Emma's involvement in the project, her stylist Sarah Slutsky said, on Instagram: 'Kicking off Regression! We love our rail! Inspired to consider the whole process of creating a fashion look, we are thinking about all the people, pieces and moving parts! This rack includes designers that are considering local craft and production, artisan skills, the environment, sustainability and the longevity of fashion!'

As well as this amazing look, Emma also wore FIVE other eco-friendly outfits to meet and greet members of the press, to talk about her new film. And here they are...

Never one to go down the overtly sexy route, she expertly manages to exude a youthful elegance in every outfit without dressing beyond her years. And that's a very tricky balance to get right. 

In short, Emma never fails to make a style impact. In fact, we still find ourselves talking about some of her past ensembles without prompt or, rather amazingly, without a single critique. And that's because she applies her undisputed intellect to every outfit she wears. 

From her beautifully tailored trouser suits to her authoritative choice in premiere gowns, we chart Emma's most well-educated looks and decipher how she manages to hit the nail on the style head every single time:

The Chic Appeal Of A Tailored Trouser
Rocking a black top with an alluring scoop back, grey twill cigarette trousers and a co-ordinating obi belt that features lashings of fabric draped to one side of her body, all courtesy of her go-to designer, Dior, Emma was easily the best-dressed guest at the TIME Gala earlier this year.

The Old Shirt 'N Skirt Combo
If anyone else were to wear a floor-length maxi skirt with a white shirt tucked in, we'd be extremely ware. But with her dark lip, messy updo, smouldering eye make-up and minimal metal bijoux, Emma Watson styles it out like a pro. 

Proportion Play
It takes guts to rock volume on volume but with her fashion prowess, Emma carries this look off like a pro. Proof that confidence is the best accessory when it comes to personal style. 

The Unexpected LBD
Emma was front row and centre for her fav designer Dior's couture show, where most of the attendees opted for, dare we say it, pretty standard black ensembles. The actress, however, made the look all her own with her quirky choice of dress (and the megawatt smile plastered on her face). 

Is It A Dress? Is It A Jumpsuit? Who Cares!
We don't know about you but this has to be one of the most memorable red carpet looks of all time. From the front, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this was a perfectly nice red dress. However, when she gave us a 360° spin, Emma showed us there was SO much more to her look. Shock factor at its very finest... 

Sharp Suiting Is ALWAYS A Good Idea
Can we look like this everyday at work, please?

Never Underestimate The Stylish Weight Of A Minimal Gown
Emma shunned ruffles and the fancy like for her Noah promo tour, instead opting for the sleekest array of looks we've ever seen and this minimal, bias-cut dress complete with a thigh-high split was the pinnacle. 

Kate Middleton, Eat Your Heart Out...
Getting in on the Duchess' much-loved coat dress trend, this is the very look that saw Emma Watson launch her HeForShe campaign to the world. You know, via a room full of world leaders, politicians and her fellow UN Ambassadors. In our eyes, this was the dream sartorial choice for such a high-profile event. Demure but unbelievably chic, Emma's outfit echoed the message she was conveying perfectly — a true testament to the power of fashion. 

In awe of Emma's impeccable style? Just wait until you read her most powerful and inspiring quotes. From her stance on feminism to the importance of making (and learning from your mistakes), she's got wise words to say on, well, pretty much everything. 

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