Why Caroline Flack is Simon Cowell's Best Choice Ever

Why Caroline Flack is Simon Cowell's Best Choice Ever

She's one of the nicest women in showbiz with crazily good hair and legs that won't quit. Oh and she's just bagged the biggest gig on TV. We kind of love you Caroline Flack

To be brutally frank, we don’t agree with all of Simon Cowell’s choices. Like the time he agreed to let Sinitta appear on the show wearing nothing but some random palm leaves. Or his refusal to say goodnight to the boot cut frayed jean. But sometimes the man gets it, in his own words, one million percent right – and today is one of those days. Yep, it’s been announced that Dermot’s replacement on the X-factor will be the labrador cute Olly Murs and even better, one of InStyle’s biggest crushes, Caroline Flack, the girl who manages to pull off that rare combo of a) being ridiculously hot and b) someone you could happily leave alone with your boyfriend for an evening, knowing she’d probably tell him how awesome you are. So in celebration of her brand new shiny X Factor job, here are 5 reasons why we sort of worship Caroline…

1. She’s a bae. But she doesn’t know it. You know those hot women with killer legs, swishy sun kissed hair and sea blue Eastern European model eyes that just really have no idea how gorgeous they are? No? Well, us neither, because not many of them ACTUALLY EXIST. But then there was Caroline. She has to leave it to Olly to big her up instead, he told her in an interview, ‘ I wish you were less insecure, you have great legs. I wish you could see what a great catch you are’.

2. Her love life has been chequered. And you know what?  We relate to that, because whose hasn’t? She got branded a cougar when she dated Harry Styles for 3 months (even though he had reportedly bombarded HER with emails) and her reaction to the whole thing after it all ended wasn’t to write a song or spill her guts. She just laughed and said, ‘I could be known for something a lot worse.’ Gentleman, meet class.   

3. She’s not wrapped up in crazy diet fads and rather brilliantly, doesn’t even weigh herself. ‘I never weigh myself, I ditched the scales because you become obsessed. It takes over your mind. Sometimes you just have to think ‘ screw it’. So we could completely go for cupcakes with her and she’d actually even EAT them.

4. Her win on Strictly Come Dancing was like a genius storyline from a Hollywood rom com – after splitting with her boyfriend Jack Street she poured all her energies into her dancing and even gave us the dream ending – proper tears of joy. Afterwards she said, “ It’s the way you handle things sometimes that makes you feel stronger in yourself and if you handle them right you come out feeling good’.   Oh Caroline, stop it, will you! Our mascara’s running.

5. When she spilt up with Harry Styles he leapt to defend her (always kind of hot when an ex does that incidentally Harry) saying, ‘ Please know I didn’t dump’ Caroline. She is one of the kindest, sweetest people I know. Please respect that’. And anyone who’s ok by Harry, is so ok by us.

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