Who Wants To Watch Tom Hiddleston Singing Carols With A Puppy?

Intro Deck: 

Still not feeling Christmassy? This video will certainly help

You've eaten your weight in mince pies, drunk all the mulled wine and said things you probably shouldn't have at the work Christmas party. And still you're not feeling festive. Fear not – help is at hand.

In the interests of giving you that warm Christmassy glow, we bring you a video of a certain Mr Tom Hiddleston singing carols with a puppy sat in his lap. The dog's called Mono, just FYI.

The actor filmed this video in country music star Rodney Crowell's studio where he is currently working on the soundtrack for the upcoming Hank Williams biopic, I Saw the Light (which might explain his American accent). And luckily for us, he's decided to share it.

Thank you, Tom. And may this bring you all a bit of cheer...

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