You'll Never Guess Who Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend Is. Oh Wait, You Will...

You'll Never Guess Who Leonardo DiCaprio's New Girlfriend Is. Oh Wait, You Will...

Leonardo DiCaprio and his 'new' girlfriend have made it official but really, she needs no introduction...

You've got to give Leonardo DiCaprio some credit, he's definitely got a 'type'. 

After months of speculation that the 40-year-old actor was getting pretty close to songstress Rihanna, Leo's only gone and dashed our hopes of that relationship ever panning out after he was photographed snuggling up to a blonde bombshell on a private yacht touring Italy. It's the same woman he was clocked with in NYC last month and, after a bit of research, we've managed to track down just who his mystery girlfriend is. And, surprise surprise, she fits the Leonardo dating spec to a tee. 

We can now reveal that Leonardo DiCaprio's new girlfriend is Kelly Rohrbach, a blonde swimsuit model with legs up to here. Oh Leo, what are you like? 

Of course, the Wolf of Wall Street actor has his pick of the ladies but, after being papped with Kelly on several occasions, it's fair to say that these two have gone public with their relationship and they don't care who knows it. 

So, who actually is Kelly Rohrbach? Here's out cheat sheet on EVERYTHING you need to know about her...

Name: Kelly Rohrbach

Nickname: Legs

Age: 25

From: Connecticut, USA

Occupation: Swimsuit model and actress

Instagram: @KellyRohr

Secret skill: She's a avid golfer

Biggest modelling cred: She shot a Sports Illustrated spread with a tarantula on her body. She said: "Surprisingly it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be — they're weirdly soft." She's braver than we are, that's for sure...

Talk about a severe case of déjà vu, huh Leo? 

While there's no denying that she's a bona fide babe (and with brains to match) we REALLY wish Leonardo would shake up his dating habits. Who knows, if these two go the distance, we may never see him with another woman. Soz, RiRi.

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