She’s Wonder Woman In the New Batman v Superman film. But Who Exactly IS Gal Gadot?

She’s Wonder Woman In the New Batman v Superman film. But Who Exactly IS Gal Gadot?

She's bagged one of the most coveted roles in Hollywood and now she's Gucci's new campaign girl. We give you 6 facts you need to know about the former Miss Israel…

Gal (which rhymes with ‘all) was born in a suburb of Rosh HaAyin, Israel to a family with Jewish immigrant ancestry.

She says: “I had a normal life until I was 18, just before I was scheduled to go into the army, when I won the [2004] Miss Israel pageant. That was my entrance into the modeling world. I rescheduled my army time and started working as a model [for three years]. Then I went into the army and served as a [fitness] instructor, and when I was released, I was fortunate enough that my first picture was Fast & Furious."

That’s right, she’s baddass in real life and is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces.

It helped when she was cast in the Fast & The Furious franchise, as hers was an active role. She says: “I enjoy the thrill. The biggest adventure in the Fast movies for me is I can be a strong woman and show it in the stunt work I get to do.”

She calls her own mother a true Wonder Woman.

She says: “She really gave me and my sister everything that made us who we are today. The key thing is endless love, but she always made us feel like we were the best and she always made us believe in ourselves and follow our dreams and work hard.”


She stars opposite Ben Affleck [Batman] and Henry Cavill [Superman] in the new Batman v Superman flick.

She says: "When I met Ben it was weird to see him face to face after watching so many of his movies. He is a great actor and director but the nerves and tension wasn’t about him, it was about me. When I got there they put me in a trailer and after all the hair and makeup I had to wait a few hours. Waiting is an auditioner's biggest enemy. I called [my husband] Yaron and told him I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t calm down. He told me ‘Gal, put on Beyonce. Move around. Don’t sit there frozen’. I put on ‘Diva’ and started dancing.”


She’s heading up her own Wonder Woman film in 2017.

She says: "I’ve been doing this for eight years and [this role] is the biggest thing for me. I really feel it’s a combination of being prepared, having the opportunity, a lot of luck, and having all of these elements together at the right moment. I’m very grateful and I do think that everyone can achieve their dreams.”


She's the new face of Gucci's latest fragrance, Bamboo.

Shot by the legendary duo Mert and Marcus, Gal fronts the campaign making her the latest Hollywood actress to star in a perfume ad and inevitably skyrocketing her to A-list status.

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