Who Has Officially Stolen Rihanna's Style Icon Status?

Who Has Officially Stolen Rihanna's Style Icon Status?

The CFDA has unveiled the recipient of this year's sought after Fashion Icon award but the winner is definitely NOT who you'd expect...

Last year saw Rihanna take home the prize every fashion aficionado wants to win, the prestigious Fashion Icon award which she was honoured with at the annual CFDA awards (which, for those of you who aren't familiar with the Council of Fashion Designers of America, it's practically the Oscars of fashion). 

Of course, we all remember the garb which Rihanna chose to wear to accept her award — yes, we're talking about THAT sheer mesh dress under which she only wore a thong — so it's fair to say that this year's winner has got a LOT to live up to... 

Sadly, the chances of the beneficiary wearing an equally jaw-dropping frock are slim to none; mainly because this year's honour will be given to a man. 

That's right, the CFDA has confirmed that 'Happy' singer Pharrell Williams will take home the Fashion Icon crown this year, making this the second time a bloke has won the coveted award after Johnny Depp previously won back in 2012. 

So, what is it about Pharrell that makes him worthy to join the ranks of RiRi, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga? Well, quit a lot actually. Here are the looks that made Pharrell's style one of the most stand-out of the last year... 

Lobby Boy Chic, Courtesy Of Chanel
Pharrell found himself singing and dancing with Cara Delevingne in a Chanel film which revealed the inspiration behind Coco Chanel's iconic tailored jacket — a garment she saw modelled by a lobby boy in a hotel. And the very character which Pharrell played in the Karl Lagerfeld directed short. 

Working Double Denim Like A Pro
Doubling your denim can be hard to get just so for a girl, let alone for a man but Pharrell was clearly unfazed as he rocked a bleach denim jacket with grey-tone jeans. Mind. Blown. 

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls
Often seen with a string of pearls around his neck, Pharrell took his love for the fresh-water gem to the next level with this brooch-encrusted flat cap. 

Personalised Shoes, No. 13,547
Pharrell has previously spoken out about customising his footwear and is often seen rocking Dr. Marten boots complete with hand-painted embellishment. However, for this high-profile fashion party, he swapped his chunky boots in favour of some sleek, black leather trainers. The doodling stayed, though. 

A Penchant For Pink
Ok, so we all know pink coats were a HUGE deal this season and last but Pharrell's love for the bright cover-up is evergreen. Not interested in the shock factor, this pic actually shows Pharrell rocking this on-point coat for the third time in one month. Yep, he's even a cost-per-wearer... 

Making Shorts Suitable Red Carpet Attire
Shorts? On the red carpet? Only Pharrell could get away with this, and he does time and time again at any awards show that will allow... 

Two words; THAT HAT

The most infamous item that, well, anyone has worn in the last year has to be Pharrell's oversized Vivienne Westwood hat. In fact, it's so iconic that his original brown version which he sported in the 'Happy' music video was put on display in an exhibition. He has since snapped it up in cobalt blue and emerald green (pictured). 

All hail the official Fashion Icon of 2015!

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