QUIZ: Which Spice Girl Are You?

QUIZ: Which Spice Girl Are You?

Don’t pretend you’re Baby when everyone knows you’re Scary

As The Spice Girls get ready to make their comeback as GEM (minus Posh and Sporty – why?!) and Wannabe turns 20 (nostalgic? Here are 7 brilliant things that also happened in 1996), take our definitive quiz to find out which Spice you’d really be besties with

You’re heading out with your girls in The Spice Bus, what are you wearing?
A. A Gucci LBD and barely-there heels (keeping it chic)
B. Your favourite underwear-skimming Union Jack dress
C. Platform trainers and low-slung jogging bottoms
D. All-pink-everything with added fluff
E. Quadruple leopard print

You’re at the bar and someone wants to buy you a drink – what do you ask for?
A. Slimline vodka tonic, with a straw
B. A Moscow Mule with extra ginger
C. Vodka Red Bull and a Jaegerbomb
D. A pitcher of Woo Woo
E. Dark and Stormy (it’s my signature drink)

Who’s your celebrity crush?
I’ve always had a thing for footballers…
B. I’m into Race car drivers
C. A fling with Matt Cardle is all I’m after
D. Crush? I’ve been with the same guy for over a decade already
E. NOT Eddie Murphy

Choose a sassy phrase
I'm not that desperate
B. Strength and courage and a Wonderbra!!
C. Spice up your life
D. Friendship never ends
E. I really really really wanna zia-a-zig-ah

You have an argument with the squad – are you thinking of quitting?
Maybe - I’d fade myself out
B. 100%, I’m outta here
C. No, I’m hanging on for dear life
D. Never!
E. Nope

Soooo, what are you going to do post-split?
Rule the world
B. Go solo
C. Umm…..
D. Star in Absolutely Fabulous
E. Get cosy with Simon Cowell

What’s your (literal) spirit animal?
I don’t do animals
B. A Pomeranian
C. I’ve got seven bulldogs
D. Anything fluffy (bunnies preferable)
E. A leopard, duh

The Result

Mostly As… you’re Posh!

Mostly Bs… you’re Ginger!

Mostly Cs… you’re Sporty!

Mostly Ds… you’re Baby!

Mostly Es… you’re Scary!


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