Which Kardashian Sister Has Been Crowned The 'Most Influential' Of Them All?

Which Kardashian Sister Has Been Crowned The 'Most Influential' Of Them All?

The answer will definitely surprise you...

The Kardashian's have certainly made a name for themselves over the past few years, haven't they? With their hit reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashian's still racking up some serious viewing figures on both sides of the Atlantic, it seems we can't get enough of those larger-than-life characters. 

While they've shot to fame as a unit, the savvy Kardashian sisters have used their profile to expand to branch out on their own projects. Kim Kardashian has long been the shining star of the troupe and has become one of the most prolific women on the world. In between launching her own video game which has since gone viral, tying the knot with rapper Kanye West earlier this year, the birth of her first daughter North and frequenting practically every catwalk show during Fashion month, you might think that she eclipses her sisters when it comes to her share of the limelight. 

However, it wasn't just Kim who took Fashion Month by storm this year; her younger half-sister Kendall Jenner walked practically every main show of note and has landed herself some of the biggest fashion campaigns of the season, making 2014 a very lucrative year for the model. 

Due to their respective public appearances, celeb pals and hoards of followers on both Instagram and Twitter, you'd be forgiven for assuming that either Kim or Kendall would win the title of the most influential Kardashian sibling when in fact, it's neither. 



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It may come as a surprise but it's Kylie Jenner - the youngest sister of the Kardashian Klan - who has been crowned as the most influential of the lot. 

According to online fashion destination Polyvore, it's the 17-year-old star that their core customers relate to, want to emulate and look like most. While all of the Kardashian sisters have enjoyed success with the websites clientele, their interest in Kylie's siblings seems to rise and fall unpredictably (for example, interest surrounding Kim peaked around the time of her wedding to plummet post-nuptials) while their interest in Kylie has always remained constant. Who'd have thought? 

Sure, she may not sound like the most obvious star of the family but with her own line of hair extensions about to go on sale, an aspiring acting career, a very cool sense of style and a laid-back attitude to the media circus that followers her 24/7, she's swiftly become the most popular of the girls.

Speaking about her youngest daughter's rise to stardom her 'momager' Kris Jenner revealed: 'One of Kylie's defining moments was showing up at Kim's wedding with blue hair, eventually leading to her own hair-extension line. She drove herself to the beauty shop and did it herself. Fans wanted the blue hair.'



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As far as fashion goes, she seems to be a winner with the public and her famous family alike. Kris went on to share: 'I realised two to three years ago, my older daughters were asking Kylie for fashion advice. Kylie decided she had this edgy style she wanted to bring to the table. I let her go with it, and sometimes she can make her own mistakes, but that's a good thing. She's 17 years old and has the rest of her life to mess around.'

Her influence on her sister's wardrobe was all the more evident when Kim herself copied one of Kylie's looks and posted it to her Instagram crediting her little-sis earlier this year. 

We'll be the first to say we did not see this Kardashian-revelation coming but one thing's for sure; Kylie's got BIG things ahead of her if she keeps going at this rate. Nice work, lady... 

By Maxine Eggenberger

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