Which Famous Actress Came *This Close* To Playing Anastasia In Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Which Famous Actress Came *This Close* To Playing Anastasia In Fifty Shades Of Grey?

Anastasia Steele could have been a VERY different kind of girl is this Fifty Shades of Grey casting had panned out...

We need not remind you that Fifty Shades of Grey just so happens to be the film that's dominated our lives for the past year. The big-screen adaptation of the worldwide best-selling book had more hype surrounding it than all of Kim Kardashian's saucy selfies combined and, since grossing a colossal amount of cash at the box office, has changed the lives of it's previously little-known cast for good.

Of course, we're talking about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson — the actors cast to play the hot and heavy on-screen lovers Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the S&M flick — who shot to stardom upon filming.

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Relatively known on British soil for his role as serial killer Paul Spector in the hit TV series The Fall, Jamie was more recognisable by his abs after starring in countless Calvin Klein campaigns while Dakota, the daughter of '80s Hollywood icons Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, had only enjoyed small parts in films such as 21 Jump Street and The Social Network. 

Now commanding seven figures for their work on the respective sequels Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, it's fair to say the pair have made it to the big time. 

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However, Anastasia could have been a very different kind of girl is the film's original casting panned out. And yes, it was another starry name who was up for the role... 

It has just been revealed that Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke (or Queen Daenerys Targaryen if you prefer) was so close to signing up to the franchise, the pen almost touched the paper. 

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Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, 28-year-old Emilia confirmed the news saying that she has 'no regrets' over turning down the job. Her reason for doing so? Well, that may just surprise the Game of Thrones fans amongst you... 

'I'd done nudity before and was concerned with being labelled for doing it again.' 

So, there you have it — it was down to her nudity worries that she decided to skip out on Fifty Shades. No stranger to baring her body in the GoT series and having also done so in her Broadway debut in 2013 as Holly Golightly in the stage adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany's, we can definitely see why she had fears of being typecast. 

It's all water under the bridge as far as we're concerned as now both ladies are mega-stars and can practically fetch any sum of cash they so desire for their own careers. 

Good work all round, then... 

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