Which Countries Produce The World's Sexiest Men And Women? You May Be Surprised...

Which Countries Produce The World's Sexiest Men And Women? You May Be Surprised...

How does your (or your partner's) nationality fare in the sexy stakes? This survey detailing the world's hottest men and women by country should clear things up...

If you thought Britain produced the world's sexiest people then you can unite with us in our grief because, as this latest revelation from travel dating website Miss Travel goes on to prove, we don't even make the top three — SOB! 

Releasing the results of its annual Sexiest Nationalities survey — which asked a colossal 110,000 people for their views on which nationality of people they found the most attractive — it's fair to say that this year's biggest stars have probably swayed the vote just a tad. 

According to the findings, it looks like Armenian woman and Irish men are *officially* the sexiest in the world, and we probably don't need to tell you who's to thank. 

However, for the sake of concise journalism, we'll clear things up. Kim Kardashian is likely to be one of the factors when it comes to the women's category (love her or hate her, the blokes still seem to like her) while Jamie Dornan — the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey — is no doubt responsible for the now global hot Irishman appreciation society.

So, how did we Brit's fare? Pretty well, all things considered. Check out the other prime candidates from Miss Travel's Top 10 list below to see how you measure up (UK born or not): 

Sexiest Men (based on the votes of 66,309 women)

10. Spanish
9. Danish
8. Nigerian
7. Italian
6. Scottish
5. English
4. American
3. Pakistani
2. Australian
1. Irish

Sexiest Women (based on the votes of 44,873 men)

10. Lebanese
9. Bulgarian
8. Filipina
7. Brazilian
6. Australian
5. English
4. Colombian
3. American
2. Barbadian/Bajan
1. Armenian

So, other than Jamie Dornan, how do our other crushes fair in the sexy nationality stakes? Take a look at InStyle's Celebrity Crumpet List to find out...

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