How Soon Is TOO Soon? We Discuss The MTP (Meet The Parents) Issue

How Soon Is TOO Soon? We Discuss The MTP (Meet The Parents) Issue

When is it a good time to meet the parents? Hiddleswift are going rogue...

Okay, I’m not being Miss Cynnie-McCynical, but does anyone else find the recent Hiddleswift 'Meet The Parents' (or, MTP) pictures a little, well… baffling? The guffawing. The holding hands. The beachy stroll. It's all very twee, no?

Now, don’t get me wrong, if this whirlwind romance is what it appears to be on the worldly platform that is social media, then more power to them. Love is a grand old thing. Many of us at some point in our lives have encountered that all-consuming passion that can inadvertently make us behave like lovesick teenagers – however, the issue I find most irksome (aside from the barf-worthy wellies/wax jacket combo - come on Tay, this isn’t bloody Countryfile) is that they are doing the whole MTP thing after only two weeks.

Taylor, Tom, and his family in Suffolk, England today

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Two weeks. That’s less than a sell-by date on a microwaveable macaroni cheese.

Now, ok *hands up* maybe that (once again) is the inner doubting Thomas monologue that rages within me following far too many failed dates and ballsed-up two monthers that have left me more than a little jaded with the whole ‘relationship’ game however, even the most hopeful of my single friends are also raising a quizzical eyebrow. Scorned ex Calvin Harris has also felt the need to throw his ten pence worth into the fray by (appaz: source) exclaiming that the TayTo MTP moment is ‘f***ing laughable’… a sentiment that many are sharing across the Interweb.

Aren’t we a negative lot?

But two weeks? Really?! It does seem that things are moving quite fast for this new couple, and it begs the question, what time frame is acceptable to stage the inevitable MTP? I mean it is a very, VERY important milestone, and one that has to be approached delicately right?

Only recently, I found myself in a situation where I was involved in an impromptu MTP (more specifically a MTM – meet the mother) and I admit that the pressure was quite overwhelming. I had only been dating the chap in question for a few weeks and suddenly, I was being thrust into a matriarchal space that I wasn’t entirely comfortable with. Of course, she was absolutely lovely, and because he’s a boy he really didn’t make too much of a deal of it, but exchanging pleasantries with a middle-aged woman that might or might-not become a very important factor of my immediate future was a bit bonkers. All I kept thinking was, ‘are my boobs looking too big’ and/or ‘does this bandana make me look like a warped cowboy’ - amongst other equally daft concerns.

Taylor, Tom, and his family in Suffolk, England today

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I do pride myself on being quite sociable and well able to handle those kind of incidents, however it wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed, simply because her son and I were still in that (without meaning to be crass) ‘immediate’ phase… and I’m pretty sure she was acutely aware of that fact. Come on, it isn’t really something you can discuss over a few pints of cider and a bag of pork scratchings is it?

‘Yeah, so we’re pretty much just having sex at the moment.’ Awkward silence. Lols.

It was too soon. Far too soon. We had no shared experiences to speak about. And that's what made it a little odd.

So, based on that little nugget of experience (needless to say, that potential BF didn't work out - oh well), I’m wondering who is the driving force in Hiddleswift’s MTP. The international pop star with the speculative relationship past? Or the posh piece of British Bond totty who (it seems) has found himself in a media storm that he’s not quite prepared for?

Either way, it raises the MTP issue. How soon is too soon? Let us know your thoughts…

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