When InStyle met Lady Gaga

When InStyle met Lady Gaga
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InStyle’s Entertainment Editor met Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper to talk style, sex and celibacy – and she discovered the girls just wanna have fun… safely.

Monday’s launch of MAC's new Viva Glam lipsticks was extra special because I got to meet and interview the campaign’s new faces - Lady GaGa and 80s pop legend Cyndi Lauper.  My inner gay man could barely contain himself.
The ladies were in town to promote the MAC. campaign - From Our Lips – and to also spread the word about safe sex for women. Did you know that we ladies are more likely to become infected with HIV than men? Nope – us either.
That’s why every penny (excluding VAT) from the sale of the Viva Glam lipsticks goes towards the MAC AIDS Fund. (Lady GaGa’s shade is a gorgeous candy pink and Cyndi’s is a luscious coral red),
I can report that far from being intimidating divas both stars were charm personified. GaGa is petite and slender (nowhere near the emaciated figure some papers would have you believe) while Cyndi is quirky, sweet and spoke so softly you could barely hear her.
But before we got down to the serious stuff I just had to find out what GaGa was wearing (yep, she was making another brave fashion statement). 'My shoes are from a sex shop and so are my lace tights. Since we’re talking about sex today it’s kind of appropriate!' she laughed. 'This [points to her lace bodysuit] is actually a dress that I pinned to make it look like a leotard – it was a gift from the Pet Shop Boys who are my friends. They had their costume designer make it for me. And the hat is by Charlie Le Mindu.'
But they weren’t in London meeting zillions of journos just to talk about their wardrobes. So let’s hear it from the girls…
I guess you guys practice what you preach with regards to safe sex?
GaGa: I made the choice to be single because I don’t have the time to get to know anybody at the moment.  Even Lady GaGa can be celibate! If you can’t get to know somebody, you shouldn’t be having sex with them. In this day and age, we’ve grown up and we now know that you just can’t be that free.
So how can we learn about safe sex via lipstick?
GaGa: Well, you can give it to your daughter, your sister, your Mum, your friends and tell them about the safe sex message when you do it. Every single penny, except VAT goes to the MAC AIDS Fund. Not only are you saving the life of the person that you give the lipstick too, but also the people that the money is going to.
Cyndi: This is from our lips to your mouth. Lipstick is a very empowering, universal thing – women of any age use lipstick. It’s a tool to take with you in your handbag, along with a condom to remind yourself about safe sex.
Why do you think so many women are being infected with HIV? Are we just too shy to be carrying condoms?
Cyndi: No, it’s because a lot don’t realise it’s not a gay disease.
GaGa: Women are the opposite of shy actually. Here in the UK I think the statistic is something like 70% of women that are sexually active have never been tested for HIV. And 80% of those women who are in monogamous relationships are having unprotected sex. And they think it’s OK because they have an agreement with their partner, but we all know how men can be.
We sure do.
To find out more about the campaign and the lipsticks, go to www.maccosmetics.com . Lipsticks are priced at £12.50 and are available from 15 March.
By Danielle Hine

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