What's Your Christmas Party Personality?

What's Your Christmas Party Personality?

Chablis Snob, Spotify Hog or Nervous Host. Where do you fit into the festive party mix?

1) The Nervous Host

Gets drunk early waiting for people to arrive. Passes out in bed by ten.

2) The 'We Can't Stay Long' Party Hopper

She's just 'stopping in' for a glass. Makes it pretty clear she's off to a MUCH swankier soiree later. Leaves once the hot canapés have all been eaten.

3) The Chablis Snob

Fears the £4.99 bottle of Gallo. Spends the evening topping himself up with a discreetly-placed bottle of 1998 Chateau de Fieuzal he brought with him.

4) The In-Depth Smoker Chat Man

Spends most of the evening rolling cigarettes for the social smokers on the patio steps. Loves a deep conversation. Doesn't ever really come into the actual party.

5) The Empty-Handed Bastard

The 'sorry I couldn't find an offie near yours' excuse doesn't stop this person from drinking more than Henry VIII at Christmas.

6) The 'who's THAT?' girl

Shows up in a Gucci frock, over-the-knee boots and a Farrah Fawcett flick. Blows all the LBDs out of the water.

7) The Party Angel

Arrives on time, helps hand around food, makes sure the drunk lady gets a registered cab home and placates angry neighbours at 1am.

8) The Spotify Hog

Thinks his dubstep-jazz mash-ups are what the crowd really wants, even though everyone's busy shouting 'put on Mariah!'

9) The Surprise Fatboy Slim

The evening's unassuming star, who manages to shoo away Indie iPod Hog and rescue the music. Has everything from Disney to James Brown at the ready.

10) The Dancing Queen

The first to push back the sofa and get everyone dancing. She's got all the moves to the Macarena and she doesn't care who knows it.

11) The Obscure Liqueur Pusher

Thinks it's a good idea at 2am (when all the decent booze has gone) to start pouring out shots from an old bottle of 70 per cent-proof spirit the host brought back from their Greek Island holiday four years ago. Gets blamed for everyone's hangovers the next day.

12) The Second-Wave Saviour

Just when the party atmosphere is starting to sag, this person arrives late from another do, slightly pissed and wearing a skewiff pair of reindeer antlers. Gets a drinking game going then cops off with your single friend in the upstairs bathroom.

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