What This Dog Can Teach Your Boyfriend About Summer Dressing

What This Dog Can Teach Your Boyfriend About Summer Dressing

Canine blogger Menswear Dog's book isn't just hilarious - it's also got some pretty genius style tips too. Listen up, boys...

It's one of the most successful men's fashion blogs in New York, but its star is not a suave ex male model or hot photographer, but a Shiba Inu dog called Bodhi.

Menswear Dog - as Bodhi is better known - has been entertaining us for quite some time with his endlessly dapper array of looks.

And while the premise of a dog dressed up in jackets, collared shirts and sunglasses might sound funny (and it is), there are also some great take-home style tips in there for men looking to sharpen up their look.

And because men's style tends to fall apart when the mercury rises  - as InStyle's fashion features editor Hannah Rochell points out here - we've selected some of Menswear Dog's best summer looks as a handy guide to staying suave in the heat.

1) The classic breton stripe

We say: No man looks bad in a good quality breton stripe jumper - fact.

Menswear Dog says: "It's perfect on its own with jeans and sneakers, or equally dashing as a contrast piece layered under a shirt."

Wear with: White jeans, blue suede loafers and a walnut belt

2) The grey linen suit

We say: A grey linen suit teamed with a pink shirt is your summer formal wear best friend. Perfect for a relaxed summer wedding or a lounge suit dress code.

Menswear Dog says: "Be warned: after an entire day of wear you'll be suit-deep in wrinkles, so it's better to skip this for the working week and save it for that special outdoor event."

Wear with: Oxford shirt, walnut Oxfords, a knitted tie and a floral pocket square.

3) The tank top

We say: Ray bans and a loose 80s tank top = your festival wardobe sorted.

Menswear Dog says: "This is pretty casual fare, though, meant to be worn with jeans or shorts and with only the utmost confidence."

Wear with: Swimming trunks, slip-on espadrilles and Wayfarer sunglasses

4) The polo shirt

We say: A massive womenswear trend this summer too, the polo shirt is your essential preppy wardrobe addition, especially with some retro stripes on the sleeves.

Menswear Dog says: "Try to find ones with the classic ribbed trim on the sleeve - it not only looks nice, it helps accentuate your arms by visually separating your shoulders and biceps."

Wear with: Khaki trousers, white tennis shoes, tortoiseshell glasses.

5) The Panama

We say: Any man can wear a panama, the key is to keep the stying very simple.

Menswear Dog says: "When in doubt, throw on a Panama hat to add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual outfit."

Wear with: A white polo shirt, linen trousers and slip-on espadrilles.

Extracted from Menswear Dog Presents: The New Classics by David Fung and Yena Kim (Artisan, £11.99). Copyright © 2015. Photographs by David Fung and Yena Kim

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