What The...? Has Kristen Stewart *Really* Joined Instagram?

What The...? Has Kristen Stewart *Really* Joined Instagram?

While we're still waiting on the official confirmation, it looks like Kristen Stewart MAY have caved and embraced social media. However, something tells us we shouldn't get too excited just yet...

It would definitely be fair to say that Kristen Stewart is the kind of girl that likes to keep herself to herself. Notoriously private, difficult to pin down and rarely opens up in interviews, we've kind of come to terms with the fact that there is and always will be a lot we don't know about the 25-year-old actress.

However, it looks like K-Stew may be letting her guard down for the first time as an Instagram account has emerged claiming to be the official Insta for Kristen Stewart. We'll hold our hands up and say we're not 100% sure if this is the real deal as the little blue tick that confirms it is yet to appear but with some personal selfies, candid hair pics and behind-the-scenes at Fashion Week shots; we would have to question just where these intimate pics came from if it isn't her... 

It's also entirely possible that the account is manned by one of Kristen's team — which would explain the AAA snaps — but we're still waiting for the full thumbs up on that one too. 

In a interview last year, Kristen revealed that she DID have an Instagram account but it was under a fake name so she could share personal piccy's with her friends only. However, with more and more celebs getting in on the snap-happy action, it seems like the right time for her to embrace the platform. 

Needless to say, her Instagram feed is proving to be as cool as we'd expect with K-Stew paying close attention to the lighting and crop of her photographs. Quite the pro, huh? 

We've picked out some of our fav @K.J.Stewart posts to let you have a peek at below but, if you want to see the full whack, you'll find them here

If it comes to light that it is indeed a fake, we'll let you know. Regardless, we're still happy to peruse these never-before-seen shots... 

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