WHAT Reality TV Show Does Nicole Scherzinger Want To Appear In Next?

WHAT Reality TV Show Does Nicole Scherzinger Want To Appear In Next?

She cut her teeth on The X-Factor, but the Cats star has a far more suprising reality TV show she wants to go on next...

One of our all time favourite InStyle cover gals, Nicole Scherzinger, is currently in the states, filming reality TV show I Can Do That!

Set to hit the box this summer after being picked up for a six episode run, the one-hour show is described as “a new comedy variety series that will pit six celebrities against one another while they perform skills that they never knew they had.”

Starring alongside the likes of Ciara and Joe Jonas, we bet the Cats star has a whole range of secret talents she’s about to unleash. This is someone who effortlessly did the splits at one of our cover shoots, after all. But what did surprise us was her recent confession about another reality TV show she wants to appear on.


Sherzy said recently, “I don't have a TV but I watched The Undateables with my assistant recently and I was hooked. I love that show so much - I want to go on it!”

Whilst it's true she’s broken up with Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton last month for the fourth time, after seven years together, we’re not sure she’s really the right candidate for this show. Girl surely has a whole army of eligible suitors ready to whisk her off, after all.  She just needs to meet the right man.

Who would you like to see Nicole hook up with next?

See Nicole rock a cool new trend here

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