Every episode of Gossip Girl is another opportunity for us to drool over Blair Waldorf and best pal Serena van der Woodsen's wardrobes. But what of the boys? Well new blog, has provided the solution.

We're picky at when it comes to adding bookmarks willy nilly all over the internet. But whatchuckwore has had us chuckling (sorry) so much that it's going firmly in our favourites folder. Blogger Kimberly Hutt takes stills from the hit TV series showing Chuck in all his gaudily-wardrobed glory and dreams up bitchy captions to hilarious effect. Example; "Nathaniel, shut up. Your Blair problems are meaningless to me. I'm in the midst of a real crisis here. I'm worried I may have gone one pattern too far today, and I need complete silence while I contemplate my next sartorial move."

We're hooked!

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By Pat McNulty