We're Seriously Crushing On Sarah Jessica Parker And Rihanna's Arm Candy...

We're Seriously Crushing On Sarah Jessica Parker And Rihanna's Arm Candy...

The fashion icons have re-imagined the iconic Fendi 3Baguette for charity and, needless to say, their designs are HOT! Bravo SJP and RiRi

It was set to be one of the hottest celeb-designer collaborations of all time and we can now confirm that Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna's designs for Fendi are everything we dreamt they'd be. 

Cast your mind back a couple of weeks and you'll remember we revealed that the bonafide style mavens were teaming up with Fendi and fashion's main man Karl Lagerfeld to create their very own version's of its iconic 3Baguette handbag all in the name of charity. 

Since the news broke, every fashion girl with her salt has been counting the days until the bags big reveal. Now, that day has finally come. 

It was at the opening of Fendi's brand new store in NYC that the ladies chose to show off their designs for the first time and it was definitely a case of love at first sight. Lets take a proper look at them, shall we? 

First up was 49-year-old Sarah who remodelled her Baguette with lashings of purple, white and blue satin which she offset with an on point tan suede edging.

Of course, fixed in place was a coordinating mini bag that was also set in the luxurious purple fabric. In short, this is one STAND OUT bag. Nice work, SJP... 

Next up was Rihanna who went slightly more classic with her Baguette offering.

Sticking to a black and metallic colour palette, RiRi's was definitely the more wearable of the two designs but it was anything but drab thanks to its glitter micro bag. Now that's more like it. 

The girls created their bags with the sole intention of auctioning them off for their respective chosen charities and boy did the guests at the event dig deep. While we're still trying to find out the current bid on Sarah's gorgeous bag, Rihanna's version is reportedly sitting at a very cool $300,000! Yikes...

Anyone got a spare $350,000 we can sub?

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